Watch the movie "2000 Mules" If that doesn't convince you, you are a "lost cause", you have been brainwashed, inflation, gas prices, and what is coming  is your fault   This is a very serious accusation and you should hear arguments from both sides. Arguments, evidence, not opinions. Ivanka's opinion only meant she thinks by herself, good! Barr's opinion? he had not seen any evidence.  By the way, if someone had asked for my opinion some ten years ago, my answer would have been: Are you kidding me? That doesn't happen in the USA, even though I'm not happy with billionaires investing millions in campaigns (that is totally wrong and should be a crime punishable with prison),  I stupidly rationalized: "Each side has its own billionaires". How stupid is that reasoning?  If elections depend on the money raised, what will keep China or Saudi Arabia  (to name a couple) from appointing puppets in the USA?  What about Soros, Bloomers, Sucker

What is death Dr. Zelenko

Image   The #ZelenkoProtocol   We could have saved  1,049,274 American lives using the Zelenko Protocol click here We can still use it, it is safer than experimental vaccines Last interview with doctor Zelenko The Zelenko Protocol explained       Important, you won't trust it or use it if you don't understand it, the WHO, and the FDA among many others have spread so much disinformation about Dr. Zelenko and his treatment that you may not believe what I'm saying, however, I consider my duty to inform you because this info may save your life and it can't hurt you (consult your physician).  Original protocol: They banned HCQ , a safe drug (obviously in the correct dose), and they also banned Ivermectin (it also works and it's inexpensive). To avoid problems I came up with this version:  (Now we know there are many Zinc Ionophores available apart from HCQ           NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED


  Bloomberg  Wealth Richest Billionaires Lose $1.4 Trillion in Worst Half Ever Musk, Bezos, and Zuckerberg are among those with the steepest wealth drops Global stock markets plunge as central banks fight inflation Bill Gates makes a terrible mistake investing in the experimental vaccines WAIT! this is not Joe Biden talking, I'm still on topic, the Zelenko Protocol (ZP) could have saved you all that money, thousands of businesses, millions of jobs, and above all millions of lives. Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko Dr. Zelenko is no longer with us, he fought to his last days trying to help all people on earth, He saved thousands of lives, it is ironic that the mainstream media; Newspapers, magazines, TV, "Big Tech"  corrupt politicians, etc. and the investors who controlled them now their money is evaporating.  I s Remdesivir better than the Zelenko Protocol (ZP) ?  NO, not even close and costs more than $3,000.00  The Zelenko Protocol costs about $20 Why doesn't the F

BORIS JOHNSON RESIGNS! - Updated Friday 07/11/22

  What do I care about Boris Johnson? I informed him about Oxford corruption @UniofOxord, I told him about Astra Zeneca , and The Zelenko Protocol and I even offered him a comb, now he has to learn the hard way. Take a look Boris Johnson, Ex-PM UK  @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet (Now I call it Dreaming street) Did you know that Macron in France banned Hydroxychloroquine with horrible results, nurses panicked and quit and dead patients remained on their beds for days? When he removed the ban he did not tell doctors. The Zelenko Protocol Explained It is very frustrating that nobody seems to care, There is corruption in the FDA and the British counterpart, what else could it be? Stupidity? with all those titles, and Ph.Ds? . . . J. Ramirez   I sent a copy of this info to the BBC, the newspapers (of the world), parliament, the European parliament, and the universities of the world, and nothing happens. Rats! Dr.Tess Lawrie is also reporting on the effectiveness of Ivermectin that a cor

Dr. Tess Laurie's Message

  I received this e-mail from the office of Dr. Tess Laurie , you can trust what she says, she unmasked Dr. Andy... who? ( Andrew Hill , see link below) the one that decided $40 million Bill Gates' money was more important than saving 500,000 lives: A letter to dr. Andrew Hill  Bill Gates : Please stop being that "generous"; The Zelenko Protocol (s) available on and Ivermectin BOTH work and are safe. I don't sell them and never had the honor of meeting  Dr. Zelenko. . .   . . .   J. Ramirez (HotSmart) Conversation opened. 1 unread message. Skip to content Using Gmail with screen readers Search Compose Labels Inbox 1,240 Snoozed Important Sent Drafts 46 Categories - Sortd  From Sherri Panda Logistics MORIEL Personal startups Work ABM ROMAN More   Meet Hangouts Hangouts More 1  of  1,241 It has stopped making sense, so say no. Inbox "Dr Tess Lawrie