IVERMECTIN BIG LIE (Some Doctors say it works against Covid 19?)

Click the link below to see an important part of the evidence Here the question is who's lying IVERMECTING BIG LIE Yes, there is a huge lie, see for yourself:   Ivermectin BIG LIE Original link below:   For me the decision is so simple: TAKE THE $40 MILLION ...and shove them up Bill Gates' A$$ Fortunately, we have the FDA to give us the right answers:   Twitter:  @US_FDA                                              Ivermectin Big Lie: juan_j_ramirez @juan_j_ramirez · 6s Deaths: 871,382 Worldometer...  Click for:   today's statistics  01/14/22  #EUActNow   #corruptFDA   #NIH   #CDC  and  #WH  We need:   #EARLYTREATMNT  for  #COVID19  (Zinc and/or Ivermectin treatments) Juan J. Ramirez ----

BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority)

  Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). Thanks to this agency with a pompous name and the corrupt FDA (Food and Drug Administration)  827,272 Americans have died of covid19. I don't have to prove it, they testified  and proudly declare it on the Documentary "Totally under control" (Amazon videos) I had to take a photo with my cell phone, you cannot just pause the film and do a "print screen" The New York Times on Dr. Zelenko (LIARS) ---

The New York Times on Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

First of all, very important information :   Zinc (Zn) treatment Dr. Zelenko is right The New York Times is wrong, not only wrong but they should be ashamed of themselves, the media could have been so useful but they decided to be against the people lying censuring, and distorting information. We have had an effective treatment against Covid-19 since March 2020, yes, you can call it experimental but when you repeat an experiment over and over and you get the same results, I think that is called science . On the other hand, when you design an experiment apparently following all the rules required but you design it to fail like the Oxford hydroxychloroquine Trial  I believe that is called fraud. The Zelenko Protocol should  NOT  be tested with hospitalized patients because timing is very important, patients need to start the treatment within 5 days after the first symptoms  Anyway, these are my comments about the NY  Times article:     My comments are in re

MY NOTES ON COVID -19... by J. Ramirez

  This is why these notes  are useful and interesting: Updated 12/17/21   Total deaths in the USA:  825,542     The FDA is killing your loved ones I very early discovered that most doctors did not have any idea about how to treat Covid-19, and the ones who after two years have learned, have their hands tied because the FDA , hospitals , big pharma , and some politicians don't care if you or your loved ones die as long as they make money. I discovered to my surprise that from three prestigious universities in the U.S. only Yale seemed to know what they were doing but the Zelenko Protocol was used too late to be effective. In the U.K.  Oxford ran a "trial" that could not possibly succeed using toxic doses of Hydroxychloroquine, HCQ (The Zinc ionophore that carries the Zinc inside the cell) but no Zinc , and they teach "Molecular Biology" WOW!  They killed about 25% of both groups and stopped research on HCQ. They still ignore that it is Zinc that does the job, n


  12/01/21 Wednesday SOUTH AFRICAN COVID-19 DAILY CASES ALMOST DOUBLE FROM TUESDAY.  Is there any reason... Why Zinc2+ can't stop it TOO? * Zn inhibits #RNAP that acts like the  SLIDER OF A ZIPPER opening the #DNA for transcription; if DNA doesn't open, the virus can't get the genetic material it needs to multiply. It's about time Drs. stop thinking less about "this is good for this" and that is good for that, and think more about why? *Zinc, not hydroxychloroquine or other Zinc Ionophore and I said too because it has been proven that it works Write to the @TheFSMB demanding that It should be considered a Medical Malpractice NOT to use “early treatments” that keep patients OUT OF THE HOSPITAL “Demand and Sue” should be our motto. (Patient's relatives are taking legal action successfully against hospitals that deny effective treatment to patients in favor of expensive useless treatments more profitable for the hospital and "asso


Image    Zinc inhibits the RNAP (RNA Polymerase) which acts like the slider of a zipper opening the DNA for transcription, translation , and finally replication of the virus. If the slider gets stuck (deformed in some way), the DNA DOES NOT OPEN denying the virus the genetic material it needs to replicate, this is known as the Zelenko effect, Google it! See for yourself  how many people had died of Covid-19  at the date the Zelenko Protocol was announced March 21st 2020:    Now see how many Americans have died so far (and counting) Simplified image, the yellow area represents the RNAP which opens the DNA for transcription, the Zinc2+ an ion with two positive charges, somehow distorts the RNAP or its function stopping the transcription which is the first step of replication/multiplication of the virus. It is important to know that Zinc is the one that causes this "Zelenko


The role of the FDA in the Fight Against Covid19 I will state it bluntly:  They have backstabbed their country because of a huge conflict of interest with "big pharma" the enormous business of the Pharmaceutical industry. I recommend you to watch: "Totally under control"  (Amazon video and others) an anti-Trump documentary in which the "hero"' Dr. Rick bright  @RickABright  very proudly states that they cunningly crafted a EUA (Emergency Use Authorization)  for Hydroxychloroquine  putting so many limitations that ended up being totally useless, and believe it or not that is the status up to this day. Before I continue exposing the FDA, some good news: President Trump gave the order to make the Zelenko Protocol available but they insubordinated  and disobeyed  the order  SOB? If you had read my mind at the time I wrote that,,, 780,000 dead Americans, Sorrow, lost jobs, businesses and the vaccines killing people... to be continued J. Ramirez -----