Sunday, March 15, 2015


For people that like to (or have to) eat slowly

Something that you preheat one minute and stays hot for 30+ minutes; is this innovative or what? Well, I guess so, ceramic plates had not evolved functionally. Now you can really enjoy your hot food on HotSmart® Heat Retentive Plates

Innovative ceramic (bone china) plate that keeps food hot
What innovation  can you incorporate to a simple ceramic plate? after all it is only a plate right? A flat clean and cool (this is the problem) surface on  which you serve food... well we apologize for the  crowded image  below (tell us what is not accurate and we'll remove  it). It is not the first time that we show it but it is the first time that we plan to explain in detail. Pay close attention China, this is a Texan Plate from El Paso, TX, USA. Many countries are interested in this "simple" innovation which is really a line of products.(Plates, bowls, coffee mugs, etc).

There are already beautiful plates in all shapes and designs some of which we may the future but HotSmart® makes the only innovative plates that keep food hot in the world.

We will start explaining from the upper left corner, ok?
  • Designed as a gourmet plate (Actually I wanted a good tortilla warmer but that is a long story, The thing is: I succeeded at both), it was immediately adopted for caregivers for the sick and the elderly (Alzheimer's patients, WLS and many others who eat slowly simply to enjoy hot food)
  • The rim doesn't get hot, it can be safely handled with the bare hands. This is a great advantage, it is very easy to use at home.
  • The heat is released gradually and with a delay; it will not overheat your food. Maximum temperature is reached about 5 minutes after taking the plate out of the microwave oven (there is a thermal gradient in the plate; Put eggs over easy close to the rim and steak at the center
Yes , you read well, something that you preheat one single minute remains hot for 30 minutes   A-Z guarantee at:
  • Although this is a very versatile all purpose plate, it is also a very good steak plate; pay no attention to the nonsense that "the juice of a steak overfills the plate" that has never been the case..
Rating over the past 12 months
  • The technology is patented, Only HotSmart  makes this kind of plates
  • Bowls will be introduced soon as well as Mugs and other products Hopefully something for gravy
  • Available at A-Z guarantee
  • Improved joint and sealer; my manufacturer has everything he needs to make a  dishwasher- proof and fool-proof plate 
  • I improved the sealer myself and there are also new hi-tec adhesives now, we may make it dishwasher-safe but we will not sell it as that just yet
  •  HotSmarts are and will always be "green" (no toxic materials used)
  • You can eat slowly and prevent overeating Eat Slowly See Why
  •  Google "eating slowly"  (Too much info for this post and you'd say: "Too good to be true" anyway)
  • Is this "Hot And Smart" or what? 
  • Eat Slowly and healthy  

    Update: Bowls are here at
    Mothers, especially the elders love them!
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