Sunday, May 17, 2015

HotSmart Plates will be in every single home!

Who likes food getting cold on the plate? 


(Currently we make only small batches but they will be mass produced)

Don't hold your breath (Last minute inside info)

If you don't like that your food gets cold on the plate, eat fast; we have been doing it forever but as a consequence, we tend to overeat.

Click here... EAT SLOWLY, SEE WHY

We also don't enjoy food as we should and we feel hungry and deprived.
The solution is to eat slowly, but... food gets cold. 

HotSmart® has solved the problem see:

HotSmart plates will be in every single home

Don't worry, there is a transformer behind the teepee


Many people need these plates (the sick, elderly...)

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Thursday, April 9, 2015


Excellent for the sick and the elderly

The image shows our first model, of which we are proud (The first plate in history that keeps food hot, a collectors item); now we only sell our improved model

Stays hot for 30+ minutes (Yes, 1/2 hour)

We are getting so much diffusion  that I decided to blog it
(Well, it is actually the trend more than the numbers, click the link below)

Juan J. Ramirez

Contrary to what a vice president at wikiHow thinks, people need to know about this product that allows you to enjoy hot food better and is helping the sick and the elderly.  We can do it with images. Please RT for relatives, friends and other people who need to know. 

We will really appreciate your RTs it and remember:

 HotSmart Plates keep food hot! (Patented)

The secret to get the plate very hot in just one minute is a "susceptor" (microwave absorbing material) that HotSmart developed, a clever (smart) design and the Stefan-Boltzmann law.

Please don't forget to RT and help us make them affordable for all who need them


Sunday, March 15, 2015


For people that like to (or have to) eat slowly

Something that you preheat one minute and stays hot for 30+ minutes; is this innovative or what? Well, I guess so, ceramic plates had not evolved functionally. Now you can really enjoy your hot food on HotSmart® Heat Retentive Plates

Innovative ceramic (bone china) plate that keeps food hot
What innovation  can you incorporate to a simple ceramic plate? after all it is only a plate right? A flat clean and cool (this is the problem) surface on  which you serve food... well we apologize for the  crowded image  below (tell us what is not accurate and we'll remove  it). It is not the first time that we show it but it is the first time that we plan to explain in detail. Pay close attention China, this is a Texan Plate from El Paso, TX, USA. Many countries are interested in this "simple" innovation which is really a line of products.(Plates, bowls, coffee mugs, etc).

There are already beautiful plates in all shapes and designs some of which we may the future but HotSmart® makes the only innovative plates that keep food hot in the world.

We will start explaining from the upper left corner, ok?
  • Designed as a gourmet plate (Actually I wanted a good tortilla warmer but that is a long story, The thing is: I succeeded at both), it was immediately adopted for caregivers for the sick and the elderly (Alzheimer's patients, WLS and many others who eat slowly simply to enjoy hot food)
  • The rim doesn't get hot, it can be safely handled with the bare hands. This is a great advantage, it is very easy to use at home.
  • The heat is released gradually and with a delay; it will not overheat your food. Maximum temperature is reached about 5 minutes after taking the plate out of the microwave oven (there is a thermal gradient in the plate; Put eggs over easy close to the rim and steak at the center
Yes , you read well, something that you preheat one single minute remains hot for 30 minutes   A-Z guarantee at:
  • Although this is a very versatile all purpose plate, it is also a very good steak plate; pay no attention to the nonsense that "the juice of a steak overfills the plate" that has never been the case..
Rating over the past 12 months
  • The technology is patented, Only HotSmart  makes this kind of plates
  • Bowls will be introduced soon as well as Mugs and other products Hopefully something for gravy
  • Available at A-Z guarantee
  • Improved joint and sealer; my manufacturer has everything he needs to make a  dishwasher- proof and fool-proof plate 
  • I improved the sealer myself and there are also new hi-tec adhesives now, we may make it dishwasher-safe but we will not sell it as that just yet
  •  HotSmarts are and will always be "green" (no toxic materials used)
  • You can eat slowly and prevent overeating Eat Slowly See Why
  •  Google "eating slowly"  (Too much info for this post and you'd say: "Too good to be true" anyway)
  • Is this "Hot And Smart" or what? 
  • Eat Slowly and healthy  



Sunday, November 16, 2014

How To Keep Food Hot On The Plate

Easy, there are now plates that keep food hot: 
(Well NOW it's easy after centuries of mankind eating on cold dumb plates)
Available at 
(Type HotSmart Plates or simply click the image above)

You cannot give your elder parents a better present!

Click the image above to learn how they work



Friday, October 24, 2014

HotSmartUSA - Home

HotSmartUSA - Home

Click the image above to buy the only plates in the world that keep food hot! 
They have a special heater inside (below)

Hotsmart® plates were originally developed as gourmet plates; the designer was actually trying to design a tortilla warmer that really keeps tortillas warm and developed a very effective microwaveable heat storing device,; so effective that actually decided to patent it. At the same time he realized that that while tortillas are consumed in many places, the plate is globally used, so priorities changed (it turned out that HotSmart® plates are excellent tortilla warmers (better than anyones on the market today).

When HotSmart® plates hit the market through They were immediately discovered by home caregivers that take care of their elder loved ones and Alzheimers patients, the sick WLS, ALS AND  many other people who has to or likes to eat slowly.

Click link below to see an interactive, explanatory image

Interactive image


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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thermal Plates

Thermal Plates
When you call something "thermal" what comes to mind? To me styrofoam,  jackets with lots of insulation, thick socks, "tortilla warmers" which do not warm anything since they do not have a source of heat the term was developed no doubt by marketers. Current "tortilla warmers" are only inefficient insulators (HotSmart Plates are real tortilla warmers).

Marketers are experts in conveying an idea even if the idea is false or the product is hazardous to your health. Just watch "madmen" the series -which is  good as entertainment by the way- to see many examples of dishonest marketing .By the way: Is there such a thing as honest marketing?

Politics (Oops!)
Politics is marketing, whoever spend more money on advertising usually wins and that's why some from both parties spend lots of time in fund raising (How did I get into this mess?).

HotSmart Plates are Thermal Plates
(but use a better technology than insulation)
OK, we did not want to call HotSmart Plates "thermal" plates because that normally conveys the idea of insulation; HotSmarts are based on a different, simple but very efficient technology Storing lots of microwave energy in a very short period of time and releasing it over an extended period of time  at a rather controlled rate  (taking advantage of the Stefan-Boltzmann law and other laws of thermodynamics).

Call them thermal plates but remember...
(We have always called them Heat Retentive Plates)
So, you can call HotSmart Plates "thermal plates" if you wish (since they deal with thermal energy and thermodynamics)  but they are not insulated plates, after all: How can you insulate both sides of a ceramics plate? And even if you could, how can you insulate the food? The food has moisture that  evaporates, which in physics is called a change of phase, this change of phase "steals" heat from the food and renders it cold and bland.

HotSmarts keep adding heat to food
What we need is to keep adding  heat to the food to compensate for heat losses but without overheating or overcooking the food. HotSmart Plates do all of this because they have a delay action engineered in the design and despite the fact that they get HOT, they can be easily and safely handled with the bare hands. The rim does not get hotthey are SMART plates Our brand name
HotSmart® is not a coincidence.

Temperature has an effect on flavor and restaurant owners know it (Google it if you wish)

"Beer is bitter and ice cream is sweeter when hot... and food tastes better on a HotSmart"
 (We are disrupting the market and competitors get mad, pay no attention to lies).

These Gourmet hot plates are also used by the elderly, Alzheimer's patients, the sickand people with special needs and disabilities of all kinds. In general by people who have to eat slowly or simply to enjoy hot food.

As claimed or your money back 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This is how our improved model looks:


We love this comment (below):

On the contrary, thanks to you! for taking the time to write 
(As the inventor I'm really grateful) 

Developed as a gourmet plate, it was soon discovered by many people with special needs and now it is widely used by people with pre-diabetes and diabetes (eating slowly helps prevent overeating, obesity and all nasty things related to obesity) and HotSmarts  keep food hot). used also by home caregivers for their elderly loved ones (an 86 year old mother said: "best present ever"), 

Also widely used by people who had WLS (weight loss surgery), the sick, people with Alzheimer's, stroke survivors,(I, the inventor survived a stroke and a brain tumor myself).

Enfin -as the Frech would say- any person that really likes to enjoy hot food or who for any reason likes to or has to eat slowly, now there are HotSmarts to keep their food hot.

Please see Frequent asked questions and RT for others!  
Click picture below to see an interactive explanatory image

HotSmarts are real "Heat Retentive Plates" the others stay hot for only 5 minutes, not 30 + as a HotSmart

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Friday, July 25, 2014

HotSmartUSA - Home

HotSmartUSA - Home

Heat Retentive Plates

NOT MASS PRODUCED BUT AVAILABLE . Ideal for caregiving Alzheimer's patients, the elderly, the sick, people with mobility problems and in general all special needs people.
To buy click

Available at 




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Monday, June 2, 2014


Ideal for caregiving too! Yes, although designed as a "Gourmet plate" it was soon discovered and used widely by caregivers.

#HotSmart Plates enhance all recipes, you can #EatSlowly to enjoy AND prevent #Overeating U know what it means?:

OK, Let me repeat: Eating slowly helps prevent overeating (Google it yourself). Do you know what this means? It may help prevent obesity. Click Harvard on eating slowly

There is much more to it than that but we want to keep it simple for now 

IMPORTANT: If you want to learn how to manufacture them see previous posts. We can teach you! (Patented, license required for the USA) 

To order:


Saturday, March 1, 2014



Heat Retentive Plates (HotSmart Plates) Allow you to eat slowly and really enjoy your hot food but this has an extra benefit: It helps prevent overeating; please Google "eating slowly" so you understand why and by all means read Harvard on eating slowly  

Heat Retentive Plates are also Ideal for the elderly, Alzheimer's patients, the sick and in general for all special needs people who eat slowly. They have been called "A blessing", "A God's send", "Best present ever" said the 80 year old mother of one of our customers.

Initially developed as gourmet plates,  things evolved. The inventor is a stroke and brain tumor survivor who started designing a tortilla warmer and decided a plate would have a larger market; he ended up with the best care giving plate in the world and we use it as tortilla warmer too. (We claim it is also the best tortilla warmer in the world)

HotSmart Plates are the ONLY patented HEAT RETENTIVE PLATES on the market; they use the Stefan-Boltzmann principle and patented technologyWhat does this mean? The sketch below helps explain everything.
See also  

For how to manufacture HotSmarts you need to see previous posts on this blog, and patents are public domain (License required for the USA).

It is a great steak plate too and please allow me to repeat: Ideal for caregiving  (Alzheimer's, Parkinsons patients, special needs, the elderly,  WLS patients,etc.); baby boomers love them.

This is how it works

(it is basically an energy trap)

Although not mass produced yet; it is available at click here 

  • HotSmart Plates use a core of a specially developed -proprietary- microwave absorbing material
  • This core is enclosed in a cavity in the plate
  • The upper and lower components are basically transparent to microwave radiation
  • The core gets very hot and radiates in the infrared range of frequencies (heat)
  • The Stefan-Boltzmann law regulates this radiation
  • Both Microwaves and infrared radiation are electromagnetic radiation (Only different wave length)
  • HotSmart Plates need only ONE minute microwaving (1200W) and stay hot for over 30+ minutes  (over half hour) Believe it or not!
  • There is a big difference between a simple thick, heavy plate and a HotSmart Heat Retentive Plate.  
  • See also:
  •  A ceramic plate with a heater     
  •  How to keep food hot on the plate 
  • Prevent obesity by eating slowly   

Saturday, December 7, 2013


A ceramic plate with a heater inside to keep food hot

Click the link above to see all about it!
 It looks like a regular plate but it has a heater inside...

A HotSmart used for a simple breakfast at home; it makes a big difference!
(The HotSmart Mug keeps coffee hot to the last sip)

By the way, the mug also has an integrated heater; the plates are excellent for steak, even better than skillets on a wooden base

Yes, from eggs over easy to steak and pasta and Chinese food
and... You name it!



Saturday, November 30, 2013


HotSmart sells the ONLY plates IN THE WORLD that keep food hot at the table

HotSmart plates are obviously excellent for caregiving (Alzheimer's patients, special needs people, the sick and the elderly)  


11-26 ctt plates
Published on November 26th, 2013 | Edited by: Jim Destefani

Engineered plates, mugs keep foods, beverages hot

Published on November 26th, 2013 | Edited by: Jim Destefani

 ctt 11-26 plates HALF PLATE WITH SLANTED JOINT 110713[2] copy
Cross section through HotSmart plate shows core of microwave susceptor material and joint design. (Credit: J.J. Ramirez/HotSmart USA.)

As the US heads toward the Thanksgiving holiday, it seems appropriate to explore ways to keep our food warmer, longer. After all, the traditional Thanksgiving feast of turkey and all the trimmings has become the centerpiece of the day for many. (Along with, in many households, football.)

Enter Juan J. Ramirez. A former industrial engineer, Ramirez invented and patented a unique stay-hot dinnerware technology after losing his long-time job and suffering some health issues. “The idea came after I suffered a stroke and brain tumor surgery,” he explains in an email. “Well, the idea did not come because of the stroke, but because I lost my career of many years in manufacturing and I found myself unemployed and with lots of time available.”

Ramirez used that time to develop a line of dinnerware that, after only a minute in the microwave oven, will keep food in the center of the plate hot for more than 30 minutes. The rim of the plate, meanwhile, remains cool to the touch to minimize the chance of accidental burns.

Ramirez says HotSmart plates can be made using practically any ceramic material, from whiteware to bone china, and that “anybody making plates” would know the details of firing time and temperature. The trick is in the plates’ core of susceptor material, which absorbs microwave radiation and then releases the heat in a controlled manner. “It was about time the ceramic plate learned a few new tricks,” he jokes in the email, while the product’s website calls the patented technology “the only functional change to the ceramic plate in centuries.”

According to Ramirez, the microwave susceptor material is red earthenware with an addition of iron filings. “Red earthenware already contains iron oxide, which is a polar molecule,” he explains. The material absorbs microwave radiation, then releases it as heat in a controlled manner according to the Stefan-Boltzmann law, the product website says. (The photo above, credit J.J. Ramirez/HotSmart USA, shows the susceptor material and the top and bottom halves of a plate.)

Plate tops and bottoms are produced separately, then joined using an unspecified adhesive with the susceptor material sandwiched inside. According to Ramirez, any shrinkage or warpage that might result from firing is addressed by the plates’ design, which uses a conical joint. The product website says the design has proved durable in months of cycling between microwave and dishwasher.

Although they are not yet being mass produced, the plates and mugs are being marketed on Amazon. Ramirez says the products have “been received very well.” The plates have also been featured as a “Reader Invention of the Month” in Popular Science magazine.

According to the website, the dinnerware’s ability to keep food hot for extended periods of time may even offer health benefits for diabetics, bariatric surgery patients who must eat slowly, people trying to lose weight, and others who simply want to practice “mindful eating,”  a way to reduce overeating that makes a practice of slow, deliberate dining. The website also calls HotSmart plates “the most hygienic plate in history,” because they lack the unglazed dry foot found in most dinnerware that “can absorb moisture and become a breeding ground for bacteria.”

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    Main features of a HotSmart Plate:
    - Needs only ONE minute preheating in the microwave oven
    - Remains still hot after 1/2 hour (Yes, over 30 minutes)
    - Safe handling with the bare hands while hot (the rim does not get hot)
    - Delay action keeps plate from over-heating or over-cooking the food
    - The plate is green; no toxic materials used