Friday, May 12, 2017

Avoiding Thermal Shock!

HotSmart Plates are designed to absorb the tremendous thermal shock of absorbing enough heat in one single minute to remain hot for 1/2 hour, however you need to know...

Aside from dropping any plate on the floor, the easiest way of destroying it is by sudden changes of temperature:
Putting a plate on the fire or pouring cold water on a hot plate. everybody knows that (well almost everybody).

HotSmart® Plates  are InstaHot meaning they need one single minute preheating but because of their design using pre-Colombian technology, the Stefan-Boltzmann law and other tricks, they don't crack under normal use.

How do HotSmart® Plates get so hot in one single minute without cracking was maybe our main challenge but some people want it even hotter so a couple of tips:

1A) For most people (some report they don't even need the whole minute preheating), see below:

1B) Want it hotter? Preheat the empty plate for only 30 seconds and... Stop the microwave. wait about 10 seconds (count "Mississippis" or whatever) continue preheating but now 40- 45 seconds for a total preheating time of 1:15 or... 

2) Use the "Piping Hot" method, click link:

Will you please share this info? The sick and the elderly need these plates. I will really appreciate it.

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(Your parents will love a HotSmart it is an excellent, original present)


Friday, May 5, 2017

Impression Sunrise

This started the "Impressionism movement:
Beauty doesn't have to be portrayed as by a photographic camera   

Monet, Impression sunrise

Monet, Water lilies

Please see previous posts by HotSmart

Am I supposed to  keep saying: "Plates, plates, plates..." for the rest of my life? booring! I invented the only plates in the world that keep food hot;  if you need them (and like them) please tell other people; the price would drop as crazy believe me, if you don't, SAD (but if you like your cold dumb plates you can keep your cold dumb plates).

I'm having fun with our politicians as you can see. Read
 my iips: "No more cold food".
 Anyway, they are excellent for home care giving of your elderly loved ones. 

I'm  a disabled engineer, survived a stroke and a brain tumor   The plates were created as gourmet plates but people have found so many uses almost immediately after they hit the market

Enough! I will not mention the darn pl...Oops! again 

Claude Monet



Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to keep food "piping hot" on your plate

OK, to begin with,  you obviously need a HotSmart®   Plate and to follow these - slightly different - instructions, but first let me tell you my first reaction to one of our customer demands: "These
 people you can never keep them satisfied" (my first thoughts). I invented the only plate in the world that stays hot 30 minutes and all it needs is one minute microwaving, on top of that you can handle it with your bare hands, it has a delay action to avoid overcooking/overheating the food and this guy now wants the food to remain "piping hot"?. I was tempted to tell him to go... eat by the stove directly from the frying pan but then I reflected: He's paying for the best...  and we claim to be selling the best plates in the world...  Click image below: 
To order click link below:

There is nothing wrong with being demanding, I am a demanding person myself;  by the way: when are you going to start demanding restaurants for a keep hot plate (A HotSmart)? When are you going to start demanding "Keep Hot Plates" from the large companies who said that what I invented was impossible to manufacture?

After coming back from my last therapy ha ha ha yeah right, as if ! (frustration, depression, "desperation" etc. take a toll on me) I came up with this method, you wise guy (You know who you are). just kidding again, since the challenge was good I took it and now we are selling more plates than ever; Anyway, to keep food piping hot do the following:

  • Preheat a HotSmart Plate only 30 seconds (not a minute).
  • Serve the food on the HotSmart
  • Heat up the food on the HotSmart until it is "piping hot" monitoring very often and turning the food (this will work even if the food was in the refrigerator)
  • The food will be "piping hot" and served on a piping hot plate

My wife is out of town, so I tried this procedure several times with prepared food from the refrigerator. It works, don't tell me otherwise. It does work!

Many people call HotSmarts a Godsend for elderly or sick parents, spouses or friends. Others simply like to enjoy hot food.  Please RT!

For "piping hot" see below and click image for more information:

For most people this works fine (see below), it has been working for years but I might go to the piping hot method which I loved:
(Thanks for the feedback dude)

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Real improvements to HotSmart Plates

We improve every batch using your feedback.
We hate lies though, like: "Doesn't get warm". Darn Pinocchio, I hope you burned your bleeping long nose.  

Click here or any of the images 
(Don't miss the thumbnails at left)

All comments at have been addressed and taken care of. We made several improvements to our design despite the fact that we are the ones that improved the ceramic plate which had not evolved in centuries (Yes, improved things can be improved further. Thanks for your feedback). 

Best steak plates in the world, period. 

Our images always look crowded because our improvements to the ceramic plate (just as an example) are many

I test them personally every time a new batch is coming
(It's a hard job but somebody's got to do it)

They cleared US Customs and it will be available very soon (AVAILABLE NOW) Click image below:

The heater core was improved!


It looks very similar to past shipment, except that:
  • If you turn it upside down you'll immediately notice a reinforcement ring that makes the base more resistant to the thermal shock and acts as a heat sink making the plate easier to handle even with a single hand.
  •  We trained (re-trained and re-trained) our manufacturer
  • We switched to a marine epoxy sealer.
  • The heater core now can store more heat.
  • The assembly process was improved.
  • It has a 3 month money back guarantee.

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(People need to know: The sick, elderly, etc.)


Sunday, September 25, 2016

HotSmart Products Last Many Years ...

...That is If you follow the instructions, for those who damaged the seal not everything is lost; see below: 

IMPORTANT NOTE; Starting March 2017, we changed to a marine epoxy sealer which makes the seal even more difficult to fail (We still recommend to wash by hand for longer durability).

(I will use a plate for teaching purposes)

We don’t recommend that you repair the seal of HotSmart products unless you understand some basic rules; however, our products are not indestructible and the seal can be damaged by overheating the HotSmarts, washing them in the dishwasher or by immersion in water*. 
First of all: I have approved samples for the next batch (I will inform about the improvements at a later date).


Click link below:

1.      The first thing you need to do is to remove the old sealer which is probably crystalized, for this you will need a scrapper or similar tool
2.      Don’t mess with the heater core; if you try to remove it, you will probably break it, to remove the humidity put the plate upside down under the sun or heat up in the microwave several times for 15 to 20 seconds letting it rest after each heating cycle.
3.      Use silicone RTV clear or white to seal it (while the core is warm). Remove the excess with a damp rag or paper napkins (Let it rest for full 24 hours). Any remaining excess can be removed with a sharp razor.

* The seal should last for many years

Another example: 
Bowls which are not yet dishwasher safe are under attack because they are superior in performance, ease of use, and looks (they are made in bone china), as I said they are superior to the plastic ones that you have to fill with hot water and look like baby dishes. The bowls work perfectly if you don't let water come inside and you don't overheat them (One minute preheating in a 1200 Watts Microwave oven) 1:30 minutes in a 800 MW oven, etc
We will sue people for destroying them on purpose, posting them on and trying to cause monetary loses. This is not a game. One of those posts start with saying something positive in order to give a varnish of veracity to the  big lie that follows.

Of course you can destroy them on purpose; submerge them in water and then set the timer of the microwave much above the ONE single minute required (There is a photo where the liar forgot to reset the timer) and Voila! Everybody knows what happens when you put an egg in the microwave: The liquids inside boil inside the shell and the egg bursts. Not dangerous but it makes a mess inside the oven.  

In the case of HotSmart Products, we will be using a new sealer, We have been testing and/or using it  for Seven months Dishwasher > Microwave; Dishwasher > Microwave with no failures.

Anyway, people will always find the way to destroy things especially if a better product appears on a market that they dominated for decades.

We receive many e-mail saying something like this: :"Your Plate (or bowl) was a blessing for my 87 year old mother" and so on.

HotSmart is here to stay, if because of us some products become obsolete and some businesses are affected... C'est la vie.

Click the image (above) for information

Will you please RT? This is not only a luxury, the sick and the elderly love them


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

HotSmart Keep Hot Bowl

Money back guarantee!
The ONLY bowl in the world with a heater inside:

HotSmart® Keep Hot Bowl

How to handle it. See explanatory photo below
(Actually the heater is much thicker)
For more info click the image below:
Simply preheat ONE minute in the microwave and serve the hot soup.

You can also heat up the soup in the bowl, increase the time accordingly since part of the microwave energy will be absorbed by the soup and part will be absorbed by the heater
Many people won't eat on plastic bowls that have to be filled with hot water; those are designed for babies. These are easier to use, work better and made in bone china so the sick, and elders maintain their dignity.

Money back guarantee!
The final Product looks like this but  has larger ears (handles); I use this images because the explanation is there. 

Will you please RT (Share)? The sick and the elderly need this product
Widely used for the elder and the sick. They will be eternally grateful. We can assure that
Please RT and share for them
Click image for information (Money back guarantee at

Above: Our first product (Click image for information)

HotSmart Plates are the best steak plates in the world


Sunday, June 12, 2016

HotSmart Plates Smart Features

All comments at have been addressed

Thanks for your feedback!

At HotSmart we are committed to continuous improvement!

They get hot and stay hot (that we know), this is about the "Smart" part of the brand name obviously derived from 2 words "Hot" and "smart":


HotSmart Plates get very hot after microwaving them for ONE single minute, they stay hot 6 times longer than hot plates at restaurants and on top of that you can handle them safely with your bare hands... but they also have other smart features:

HotSmart Plates

Smart features that require explanation
Now, seriously, the delayed action is one of the smartest features of a HotSmart: The plate comes hot out of the microwave oven but only reaches maximum temperature about 5 minutes later, this means that by the time a heated plate at a restaurant is cold (along with the food), A HotSmart plate is hottest and stays hot for about 6 times longer than heated plates at restaurants.

This is another smart feature: The rim doesn't get hot so HotSmarts can be handled with the bare hands 

Hot Dinner plates keep food hot!
Delayed action keeps food (like pasta) from overcooking

 Our bowls are also excellent for caregiving
Our improved model above took care of most of the old complaints (On
Including some that were completely false: "The juice of a steak would spill" and "The inventor said that also the back of a refrigerator is ugly, so what". Please look at the dates of those lies.

Will you please like us and RT? 

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Most recent visible feature