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missing wikiHow to use HotSmart Plates


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3 month money back guarantee at


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Plates for eating slowly (images):

Plates for eating slowly (images):

If you have any questions:


(I'm the inventor/founder of HotSmart)


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Product Description

Direct Link: HotSmart Plates at

Product description

Patented HotSmart Plate keeps food hot. A-Z GUARANTEE: 1. Preheat ONE minute, stays HOT 1/2 hour. HOTSMART HOT PLATES Stay hot 4-6 TIMES longer than heated plates at restaurants (Moms love them); CLICK THUMBNAILS for details. 2. Microwave ONE single minute, HotSmarts stay hot for about HALF HOUR (4-6 times longer than heated plates at restaurants); HEATER CORE integrated, 3. HotSmarts are also widely used for ELDER CARE, WLS patients and people with special needs ALZHEIMERS patients, DIABETES, ALS, Parkinsons, stroke, cancer etc.), designed to keep food hot safely and easily. No more cold bland food. 4. This is A REAL PATENTED BREAKTHROUGH: The ONLY improvement to the ceramic plate IN HISTORY 5. IMPORTANT: HotSmart plates also help you EAT SLOWLY and AVOID OVEREATING (could even help you LOSE WEIGHT) by acquiring the habit of eating slowly (Google "eating slowly"). - (Remember: Your FOOD WON'T GET COLD), you'll get satisfied with fewer CALORIES (By all means research "eating slowly"). 6. HotSmarts bring the luxury of eating on HOT plates at home safely and easily: Safe bare hand handling by the rim which does not get hot. - 7. HotSmarts (in bone china) is elegant and appropriate for formal dinners 8. A normal preheated plate is difficult to preheat, unsafe to handle and will cool down in less than 5 minutes anyway no matter how much or how you preheat it (This is a NEW patented technology). - 9. HotSmarts can be handled SAFELY with the BARE HANDS, they have a COOL RIM and -by means of A DELAY ACTION- they do not overcook or overheat your food (like eggs, pasta, etc.). - 10. HOTSMARTS use a proprietary HEATING ELEMENT - IMPORTANT: DO NOT overheat; it is NOT necessary USE ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED (or search: "how to use HotSmart plates" on the internet). Simply: "Zap and serve" (TM) and your food will not get cold. Ideal for MINDFUL EATING. Not recommended for small children or unattended sick people.
That was the "whole enchilada" as you say in the USA (I never heard that phrase in Mexico), PLEASE RT or share any way you wish, many people need them and for the rest of us is: What the heck was I doing eating on cold dumb plates?


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Heavy Duty HotSmart Plates

Why do we call them "Heavy Duty" Do they take more abuse?

Available at

While we can't make an indestructible ceramic plate yet (we'll try that when Corelle's patent expires), we will keep improving as promised. We are committed to our policy of continuous improvement.

Please remember that we (actually I) introduced the first and only ceramic plates in history that really keep food hot. No other plates in the world can even compare to a HotSmart®. We're the real McCoy. Please don't forget that, and RT to help us lower the price.

People love HotSmart plates but, the sick and elderly really need them:  ALS, ALZ, Parkinsons, diabetes, Weight loss surgery (WLS), Eating Slowly (By all means Google "eating slowly"

NOTE: Corelle could be making these type of plates now but Engineers from "World Kitchen" told us that it was impossible to manufacture a plate that you preheat for ONE single minute and stays hot for 30+ minutes (and on top of that you can handle it with your bare hands). "All ceramics absorb microwaves, you can't keep the rim from getting hot" they said. I proved them wrong on all counts. 

Well, we had to manufacture in China with many obstacles, I'll mention just a couple (after all, this is not the Odyssey):
1.- Lack of financing
2.- Logistics problems
3.- A dishonest manufacturer who thought he was too smart to follow our specifications (he was fired). 

Now, we are starting to assemble locally in El Paso, TX which will allow us to have a consistent quality.

Anyway, I think I proved my point, the plates can be made, they work as claimed, people love them, Quality problems? Yes, but We are taking care of that

but it is interesting to see that people want replacements instead of refunds. Our products have an a-z warranty at 

My customers say: We love our HotSmart Plates but the bottom fell off. (In the internet age, that is terrible and a few defectives look like thousands, that's why we should aim for zero defects).  

Our manufacturer was fired. No, He isn't dumb and of course, Chinese people are not dumb but this particular individual is a dishonest,  cunning, liar SOB who caused too much damage to my brand HotSmart® and made me lose too much money. He will be sued. Do business at your own risk with this guy:   (Hanriver Ceramics Fty)

Yes, Mugs and bowls too

Tip: You start eating at the center which is the hottest area although all the plate gets really hot except the rim for easy safe handling.
(That was my breakfast and the photo is from my cell phone)

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018


The only ceramic plates in the world that keep food hot!
We can teach you how to make them and if you comply with our standards of quality we may even buy part of your production.
For details: 

Sept 10, 2018
This manufacturing instruction shows the only 3 components of the HotSmart:

These are the 3 components of the HotSmart®
If you are interested in quoting one of them, get in touch:

Sept 10, 2018
This instruction shows the only 3 components of the HotSmart®:

These are the 3 components of the HotSmart:

Handle it safely with the bare hands!

As you can see, there are only 3 components required to make a HotSmart® Plate; however, some people still manage to get it wrong, but not because they don't understand the simple manufacturing instructions but because they want to save on materials or they are simply dishonest people. 

Mr. President, @POTUS,  please bring the tableware industry back to the USA! Our products have a great demand, we could create many jobs and even export all over the world.

Best regards.
Juan J. Ramirez

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fake Reviews And Malicious Lies On

Will you please RT?  Now my account @HotSmart is blocked out of twitter "for security reasons". (they say they are protecting me). Oh great! Thank you very much twitter. 

OK, These are great comments, click the link, how do I explain the negative ones? I will try here (There might be several different reasons):

  • Some plates were actually defective; after training our manufacturer for a long time, we fired him. He was supposed to make a final batch after I approved his samples, that didn't work.
  • His attitude was yeah, yeah, I understand now, what do you need samples for now?  Dishonest idiot SOB.

But first of all, remember: #HotSmart Plates are guaranteed.

A good possibility of why you are not getting the expected results might be that: Your microwave oven may be too small (not enough power), that's easy to fix, just give it more preheating time (a few seconds make a great difference) see below: 

Even for the smallest microwave ovens, 1:15 to 1:30 preheating time will be enough

Another possibility: Customer's expectations may be too high:
We never claimed that the plates would keep food piping hot for 45 minutes. HotSmart plates work as claimed and are perfectly packed by We offer an A-Z MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 

(We at HotSmart received a returned plate obviously chipped all around with a hammer or something, please, there is no need for that, you can get a refund).

We asked to reinstate our selling privileges (while we migrate to SHOPIFY), We are very disappointed with Amazon "seller support" and especially with the Amazon "seller performance team". They are in an ivory tower with no phone and don't answer e-mails.

 Fake Reviews
(By the will start banning people who return too many things)

 While we appreciate reviews that help us improve our products...

You will find some bad reviews at which are false. When we started selling HotSmart Plates we did have some problems and I wrote personal checks to each person that complained. Now in 2017 we have a much better product and we still offer our A-Z money back guarantee However... Since we are disrupting the market and offering a product that all major companies rejected, now somebody is trying to damage HotSmart's reputation. See what they say:
  • The plates don't work at all (or only the very center gets warm).- This is totally false, it is like saying that we sell water which doesn't boil. ) Whoever says that, please touch with your nose (Just kidding), touch with your finger carefully the area close to the rim and verify (confirm) that it's hot and stays hot; not only the center gets hot.  
  • A wicked witch of the west claims that not even the center gets warm. Please turn on the oven lady... and get inside (I think I got my witches all mixed up but anyway, take a long walk on a short pier, ok?).
  • The plates don't keep food piping hot" for 45 minutes.- True but...We never claimed that. This customer needs a different product. We don't have plans to manufacture such a product any soon  (maybe later? It can be done)
  • Poorly packed.- This is totally ridiculous. The plates come packed in individual boxes, sandwiched between two pieces of styrofoam from China and on top of that is Amazon's own box and packing material.   
  • suspended HotSmart account because of these lies. UPDATE: The account was reinstated, HotSmarts are AVAILABLE AGAIN and SELLING FAST.
  • Please see Customers feedback 
  • See below an alternate way of using HotSmart Plates that will give you piping hot food on a piping hot plate. it is the method I use when my wife is out of town and it works even if the food was in the refrigerator:

My wife is going out of town again and I demand ribs as atonement for my sorrow, haha. Do not, I repeat, do not tell me this method doesn't work or I will start calling you names (like Pinocchio, etc.). This is personal, besides, the plates are guaranteed.

Eating slowly has many benefits; it can help prevent overeating

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(Many people need HotSmarts)

Twitter blocked my account "for security reasons" and wants me to confirm a phone number that I don't have anymore 




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Caregiving eating and feeding aids

HotSmart makes the only ceramic (bone china) water-less plates in the world that keep food hot

Will you please RT this info? Twitter blocked my @HotSmart account "for security reasons" and they insist to send me a numeric code to verify a phone which I don't have anymore. I will really appreciate it. Juan Ramirez (The inventor). 

Great present for Mother's day, Father's day, etc. 

For "piping hot" food click:
(No, not 45 minutes, give us a break, you'll have piping hot food served on a piping  hot plate that stays hot)
  • Safe and easy handling with the bare hands!
  • Fine bone china
  • Forget about plastic plates/bowls filled with hot water (that "technology" doesn't really work very well, it's obsolete and has no future).
HotSmart Plates are available at
(That's a direct link to the product on Amazon)

Click here to keep food "piping hot"

Yes, you can keep food warm, hot, "piping hot" (for piping hot is a slightly different procedure).

I have tested this method many times myself at home and it works real nice even if the food was in the refrigerator. 
Please RT and like us on facebook, many sick and elderly people really need this plate.

Is that easy or what? (The plate shown is our first model of which we are proud, we only sell an improved version now. (See below)

Don't forget to like us please (it will help to lower our prices, HotSmarts are not mass produced yet).
(Below another testimony)

Don't forget to share this information, many sick and elderly people are benefiting from these
Plates which were developed as gourmet plates but home caregivers started using as feeding aids too

Please take a look at the info below, so sad:

We stand behind our product, our claims are real!
HotSmarts don't get warm? Well you got that one right Pinocchio (accidentally), HotSmarts don't get warm, they get real HOT and stay HOT

Available also at shopify and other stores

Juan J. Ramirez Stroke and brain tumor survivor, now surviving lies.
(I'm the Inventor/Founder of HotSmart)

I use my product every single day. It does work as claimed!
As claimed or your money back guarantee! Period.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to keep food "piping hot" on your plate

Will you please RT this info?  Juan Ramirez (The inventor). 
(The sick and the elderly need this invention)

OK, to begin with,  you obviously (obviously because there are no other plates in the world that keep food hot) need a HotSmart® Plate (Available at and to follow these slightly different instructions.

But first let me tell you my first reaction to one of our customer demands:
 "These people, you can never keep them satisfied" (my first thoughts). I invented the only plate in the world that stays hot 30 minutes and all it needs is ONE single  minute microwaving, on top of that you can handle it with your bare hands, it has a delay action to avoid overcooking/overheating the food and this guy now wants the food to remain "piping hot"?. I was tempted to tell him to go... eat by the stove directly from the frying pan but then I reflected: He's paying for the best...  and we claim to be selling the best plates in the world...  Click image below:

To order click link below:

There is nothing wrong with being demanding, I am a demanding person myself;  by the way: when are you going to start demanding restaurants for a keep hot plate (A HotSmart)? When are you going to start demanding "Keep Hot Plates" from the large companies who said that what I invented was impossible to manufacture?

After coming back from my last therapy ha ha ha yeah right, as if ! (frustration, depression, "desperation" etc. take a toll on me) I came up with this new method, you wise guy (You know who you are). just kidding again, since the challenge was good I took it and now we are selling more plates than ever; Anyway, to keep food piping hot do the following:

  • Preheat a HotSmart Plate only 30 seconds (not a minute); this will prevent "thermal shock to the plate.
  • Serve the food on the HotSmart® 
  • Heat up the food on the HotSmart® until it is "piping hot" monitoring very often and turning the food (this will work even if the food was in the refrigerator)
  • The food will be "piping hot" and served on a piping hot plate

My wife is out of town, so I tried this procedure several times with prepared food from the refrigerator. It works, don't tell me otherwise. It does work!

No, it will not stay piping hot for 45 minutes, give me a break! But...
You will have piping hot food served on a piping hot plate, ok?

Many people call HotSmarts® a Godsend for elderly or sick parents, spouses or friends. Others simply like to enjoy hot food.  Please RT!

For "piping hot" see below and click image for more information:

Hang on Aussies!

"It is for my mother" they must be saying (They don't seem to care about the price plus shipping)

Miss Australia 2014 (How can women be so lovely?)

For most people this method works fine (see below), it has been working for years for me, but I might go to the piping hot method which I loved:
(Thanks for the feedback dude).

Normal Simple Method:

For Piping Hot Food On a Piping Hot Plate:
Please remember, I was alone and hungry and simply took the photo with my cell phone

IMPORTANT: This also answers the question Can HotSmart Plates be heated more than one minute? YES! The empty plates can be heated up for 1:15 minutes but it is advisable that you don't exceed 1:00 for a long life of the plate. When you have food on the plate part of the microwave energy goes to heat up the food and part will be stored in the susceptor (heater core). If you check often and turn the food, the food will be heated up to a uniform temperature and these interruptions to check to keep the plate from failing due to thermal shock.

I wanted to keep the instructions as simple as possible "Zap and Serve"(TM)  but I think the more you know the better, after all, it's your plate, They do work as claimed or your money back!  

Piping hot method, It works, believe me, I have used it many many times with food from the refrigerator to the HotSmart

Yesterday (04-22-18) I got a one-star comment:
"A total waste of money, food doesn't stay warm even at the center of the plate" Oh My God! The tongue (in this case the keyboard) is more dangerous than a gun. They can't hate me because I'm rich and handsome (I'm neither rich nor handsome), then why? maybe you need to follow me @HotSmartfy

HotSmart Plates work as claimed or your money back
(It's very safe to buy at Amazon)

Click here to buy!

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The sick and elderly need them
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The most advanced (patented) plate in the world is made in China but the invention is proudly Texan (El Paso, TX, USA).
Inventor: Juan J. Ramirez


Friday, March 10, 2017

Real improvements to HotSmart Plates

Will you please RT this info? Twitter blocked my account "for security reasons" and they insist to send me a numeric code to verify a phone which I don't have anymore. I will really appreciate it. Juan Ramirez (The inventor). 

Let me put it this way: We have paid close attention to your feedback and took corrective actions for each and every problem reported. We guarantee our product and you can buy with confidence at Click here (direct link) As claimed or your money back.

If you are satisfied please give us a good feedback, that will make the price come down drastically.

We improve every batch using your feedback.
We hate lies though, like: "Doesn't get warm". Darn Pinocchio, I hope you burned your bleeping long nose.

Click here or any of the images 
(Don't miss the thumbnails at left)

All comments at have been addressed and taken care of. We made several improvements to our design despite the fact that we are the ones that improved the ceramic plate which had not evolved in centuries (Yes, improved things can be improved further. Thanks for your feedback). 

Best steak plates in the world, period. 

Our images always look crowded because our improvements to the ceramic plate (just as an example) are many

I test them personally every time a new batch is coming
(It's a hard job but somebody's got to do it)

They cleared US Customs and it will be available very soon (AVAILABLE NOW) Click image below:

The heater core was improved!


It looks very similar to past shipment, except that:
  • If you turn it upside down you'll immediately notice a reinforcement ring that makes the base more resistant to the thermal shock and acts as a heat sink making the plate easier to handle even with a single hand.
  •  We trained (re-trained and re-trained) our manufacturer
  • We switched to a marine epoxy sealer.
  • The heater core now can store more heat.
  • The assembly process was improved.
  • It has a 3 month money back guarantee.

I was happy when our rating went up 1/10th of a point and then...

HotSmarts work as claimed or your money back. Period
"They must be saying: it's for mi mom who is very old (or sick)"

Will you please share this info with family and friends?

(People need to know: The sick, elderly, etc.)



Sunday, September 25, 2016

HotSmart Products Can Last Many Years ...

...That is If you follow the instructions, for those who damaged the seal not everything is lost; see below: 

IMPORTANT NOTE; Starting March 2017, we changed to a marine epoxy sealer which makes the seal even more difficult to fail (We still recommend to wash by hand for longer durability).

(I will use a plate for teaching purposes)

We don’t recommend that you repair the seal of HotSmart products unless you understand some basic rules; however, our products are not indestructible and the seal can be damaged by overheating the HotSmarts, washing them in the dishwasher or by immersion in water*. 
First of all: I have approved samples for the next batch (I will inform about the improvements at a later date).


Click link below:

1.      The first thing you need to do is to remove the old sealer which is probably crystalized, for this you will need a scrapper or similar tool
2.      Don’t mess with the heater core; if you try to remove it, you will probably break it, to remove the humidity put the plate upside down under the sun or heat up in the microwave several times for 15 to 20 seconds letting it rest after each heating cycle.
3.      Use silicone RTV clear or white to seal it (while the core is warm). Remove the excess with a damp rag or paper napkins (Let it rest for full 24 hours). Any remaining excess can be removed with a sharp razor.

* The seal should last for many years

Will you please RT this info? Twitter blocked my account "for security reasons" and they insist to send me a numeric code to verify a phone which I don't have anymore. I will really appreciate it. Juan Ramirez (The inventor). 

Another example: 
Bowls which are not yet dishwasher safe are under attack because they are superior in performance, ease of use, and looks (they are made in bone china), as I said they are superior to the plastic ones that you have to fill with hot water and look like baby dishes. The bowls work perfectly if you don't let water come inside and you don't overheat them (One minute preheating in a 1200 Watts Microwave oven) 1:30 minutes in a 800 MW oven, etc
We will sue people for destroying them on purpose, posting them on and trying to cause monetary loses. This is not a game. One of those posts start with saying something positive in order to give a varnish of veracity to the  big lie that follows.

Of course you can destroy them on purpose; submerge them in water and then set the timer of the microwave much above the ONE single minute required (There is a photo where the liar forgot to reset the timer) and Voila! Everybody knows what happens when you put an egg in the microwave: The liquids inside boil inside the shell and the egg bursts. Not dangerous but it makes a mess inside the oven.  

In the case of HotSmart Products, we will be using a new sealer, We have been testing and/or using it  for Seven months Dishwasher > Microwave; Dishwasher > Microwave with no failures.

Anyway, people will always find the way to destroy things especially if a better product appears on a market that they dominated for decades.

We receive many e-mail saying something like this: :"Your Plate (or bowl) was a blessing for my 87 year old mother" and so on.

HotSmart is here to stay, if because of us some products become obsolete and some businesses are affected... C'est la vie.

Click the image (above) for information

Will you please RT? This is not only a luxury, the sick and the elderly love them