Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HotSmart Plates have a delay action

This is an old post with important information from the time when I started developing HotSmart Plates   
2006-08-06 19:36:01
When I had a prototype that complied with my set goal (preheat one minute to stay hot for 30 minutes), we were happy to test it, but ... it was "too good", that is a way of saying that the food was hotter than expected, so what to do? The purpose of the plate is to keep food hot at the table to enjoy it, particularly on those special occasions, but not so hot that you burn your mouth or that you have to wait for your food to cool down, so I had to include in the design a delay action, that is: The plate reaches maximum temperature typically 5 to 8 minutes AFTER is taken out of the microwave oven. this can be specified in the design as desired (within certain limits of course), so the heat "kicks in" when needed not immediately when the food is served. That, and the fact that the rim remains cool for easy handling was -among many other things- one of the reasons for which I chose the brand "HotSmart" I believe the plate is "Smart" for a plate that had not learned a new trick in about 12,000 years. Of course, you have always the option of preheating for less than one minute if you do not want your food too hot. Please see the specifications and decide for yourself if the plates are hot and smart.

Can you see the delayed action and how heat is released slowly?