Monday, October 1, 2018

Heavy Duty HotSmart Plates

Why do we call them "Heavy Duty" Do they take more abuse?
Yes!  And now they are dishwasher-safe

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While we can't make an indestructible ceramic plate yet (we'll try that when Corelle's patent expires), we will keep improving as promised. We are committed to our policy of continuous improvement.

Please remember that we (actually I) introduced the first and only ceramic plates in history that really keep food hot. No other plates in the world can even compare to a HotSmart®. We're the real McCoy. Please don't forget that, and RT to help us lower the price.

People love HotSmart plates but, the sick and elderly really need them:  ALS, ALZ, Parkinsons, diabetes, Weight loss surgery (WLS), Eating Slowly (By all means Google "eating slowly"

NOTE: Corelle could be making these type of plates now but Engineers from "World Kitchen" told us that it was impossible to manufacture a plate that you preheat for ONE single minute and stays hot for 30+ minutes (and on top of that you can handle it with your bare hands). "All ceramics absorb microwaves, you can't keep the rim from getting hot" they said. I proved them wrong on all counts. 

Well, we had to manufacture in China with many obstacles, I'll mention just a couple (after all, this is not the Odyssey):
1.- Lack of financing
2.- Logistics problems
3.- A dishonest manufacturer who thought he was too smart to follow our specifications (he was fired). 

Now, we are starting to assemble locally in El Paso, TX which will allow us to have a consistent quality.

Anyway, I think I proved my point, the plates can be made, they work as claimed, people love them, Quality problems? Yes, but We are taking care of that

but it is interesting to see that people want replacements instead of refunds. Our products have an a-z warranty at 

My customers say: We love our HotSmart Plates but the bottom fell off. (In the internet age, that is terrible and a few defectives look like thousands, that's why we should aim for zero defects).  

Our manufacturer was fired. No, He isn't dumb and of course, Chinese people are not dumb but this particular individual is a dishonest,  cunning, liar SOB who caused too much damage to my brand HotSmart® and made me lose too much money. He will be sued. Do business at your own risk with this guy:   (Hanriver Ceramics Fty)

Yes, Mugs and bowls too

Tip: You start eating at the center which is the hottest area although all the plate gets really hot except the rim for easy safe handling.
(That was my breakfast and the photo is from my cell phone)

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