Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fake Reviews And Malicious Lies On Amazon.com

Will you please RT?  Now my account @HotSmart is blocked out of twitter "for security reasons". (they say they are protecting me). Oh great! Thank you very much twitter. 

OK, These are great comments, click the link, how do I explain the negative ones? I will try here (several different reasons)  #HotSmarts are guaranteed  http://bit.ly/5STARrev
First of all; your microwave oven may be too small (not enough power), that's easy to fix, see below: 

Even for the smallest microwave ovens, 1:15 to 1:30 preheating time will be enough

Customer's expectation are too high:
We never claimed that the plates would keep food piping hot for 45 minutes. HotSmart plates work as claimed and are perfectly packed by Amazon.com. We offer an A-Z MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 

(We received a returned plate chipped all around with a hammer, no need for that, you can get a refund)

We asked Amazon.com to reinstate our selling privileges (while we migrate to SHOPIFY), We are very disappointed with Amazon "seller support" and especially with the Amazon "seller performance team". They are in an ivory tower with no phone and don't answer e-mails.

 Fake Reviews
 While we appreciate reviews that help us improve our products...
You will find some bad reviews at Amazon.com which are false. When we started selling HotSmart Plates we did have some problems and I wrote personal checks to each person that complained. Now in 2017 we have a much better product and we still offer our A-Z money back guarantee However... Since we are disrupting the market and offering a product that all major companies rejected, now somebody is trying to damage HotSmart's reputation. See what they say:
  • The plates don't work at all (or only the very center gets warm).- This is totally false, it is like saying that we sell water which doesn't boil. ) Whoever says that please touch with your nose (Just kidding), touch with your finger carefully the area close to the rim and verify that it's hot and stays hot (not only the center gets hot).  
  • The plates don't keep food piping hot" for 45 minutes.- We never claimed that. This customer needs a different product. We don't have plans to manufacture such a product shortly (maybe later?)
  • Poorly packed.- This is totally ridiculous.The plates come packed in individual boxes, sandwiched between two pieces of styrofoam from China and on top of that is Amazon's own box and packing material.   
  • Amazon.com suspended HotSmart account because of these lies. UPDATE: The account was reinstated, HotSmarts are AVAILABLE AGAIN and SELLING FAST.
  • Please see Customers feedback  http://bit.ly/2zYCu1k 
  • See an alternate way of using HotSmart Plates that will give you piping hot food on a piping hot plate. it is the method I use when my wife is out of town and it works even if the food was in the refrigerator:


Eating slowly has many benefits; it can help prevent overeating


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