Friday, June 23, 2017

Caregiving eating and feeding aids

HotSmart makes the only ceramic (bone china) water-less plates in the world that keep food hot

Will you please RT this info? Twitter blocked my @HotSmart account "for security reasons" and they insist to send me a numeric code to verify a phone which I don't have anymore. I will really appreciate it. Juan Ramirez (The inventor). 

Great present for Mother's day, Father's day, etc. 

For "piping hot" food click:
(No, not 45 minutes, give us a break, you'll have piping hot food served on a piping  hot plate that stays hot)
  • Safe and easy handling with the bare hands!
  • Fine bone china
  • Forget about plastic plates/bowls filled with hot water (that "technology" doesn't really work very well, it's obsolete and has no future).
HotSmart Plates are available at
(That's a direct link to the product on Amazon)

Click here to keep food "piping hot"

Yes, you can keep food warm, hot, "piping hot" (for piping hot is a slightly different procedure).

I have tested this method many times myself at home and it works real nice even if the food was in the refrigerator. 
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Is that easy or what? (The plate shown is our first model of which we are proud, we only sell an improved version now. (See below)

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(Below another testimony)

Don't forget to share this information, many sick and elderly people are benefiting from these
Plates which were developed as gourmet plates but home caregivers started using as feeding aids too

Please take a look at the info below, so sad:

We stand behind our product, our claims are real!
HotSmarts don't get warm? Well you got that one right Pinocchio (accidentally), HotSmarts don't get warm, they get real HOT and stay HOT

Available also at shopify and other stores

Juan J. Ramirez Stroke and brain tumor survivor, now surviving lies.
(I'm the Inventor/Founder of HotSmart)

I use my product every single day. It does work as claimed!
As claimed or your money back guarantee! Period.