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How to keep food "piping hot" on your plate

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OK, to begin with,  you obviously (obviously because there are no other plates in the world that keep food hot) need a HotSmart® Plate (Available at and to follow these slightly different instructions.

But first let me tell you my first reaction to one of our customer demands:
 "These people, you can never keep them satisfied" (my first thoughts). I invented the only plate in the world that stays hot 30 minutes and all it needs is ONE single  minute microwaving, on top of that you can handle it with your bare hands, it has a delay action to avoid overcooking/overheating the food and this guy now wants the food to remain "piping hot"?. I was tempted to tell him to go... eat by the stove directly from the frying pan but then I reflected: He's paying for the best...  and we claim to be selling the best plates in the world...  Click image below:

To order click link below:

There is nothing wrong with being demanding, I am a demanding person myself;  by the way: when are you going to start demanding restaurants for a keep hot plate (A HotSmart)? When are you going to start demanding "Keep Hot Plates" from the large companies who said that what I invented was impossible to manufacture?

After coming back from my last therapy ha ha ha yeah right, as if ! (frustration, depression, "desperation" etc. take a toll on me) I came up with this new method, you wise guy (You know who you are). just kidding again, since the challenge was good I took it and now we are selling more plates than ever; Anyway, to keep food piping hot do the following:

  • Preheat a HotSmart Plate only 30 seconds (not a minute); this will prevent "thermal shock to the plate.
  • Serve the food on the HotSmart® 
  • Heat up the food on the HotSmart® until it is "piping hot" monitoring very often and turning the food (this will work even if the food was in the refrigerator)
  • The food will be "piping hot" and served on a piping hot plate

My wife is out of town, so I tried this procedure several times with prepared food from the refrigerator. It works, don't tell me otherwise. It does work!

No, it will not stay piping hot for 45 minutes, give me a break! But...
You will have piping hot food served on a piping hot plate, ok?

Many people call HotSmarts® a Godsend for elderly or sick parents, spouses or friends. Others simply like to enjoy hot food.  Please RT!

For "piping hot" see below and click image for more information:

Hang on Aussies!

"It is for my mother" they must be saying (They don't seem to care about the price plus shipping)

Miss Australia 2014 (How can women be so lovely?)

For most people this method works fine (see below), it has been working for years for me, but I might go to the piping hot method which I loved:
(Thanks for the feedback dude).

Normal Simple Method:

For Piping Hot Food On a Piping Hot Plate:
Please remember, I was alone and hungry and simply took the photo with my cell phone

IMPORTANT: This also answers the question Can HotSmart Plates be heated more than one minute? YES! The empty plates can be heated up for 1:15 minutes but it is advisable that you don't exceed 1:00 for a long life of the plate. When you have food on the plate part of the microwave energy goes to heat up the food and part will be stored in the susceptor (heater core). If you check often and turn the food, the food will be heated up to a uniform temperature and these interruptions to check to keep the plate from failing due to thermal shock.

I wanted to keep the instructions as simple as possible "Zap and Serve"(TM)  but I think the more you know the better, after all, it's your plate, They do work as claimed or your money back!  

Piping hot method, It works, believe me, I have used it many many times with food from the refrigerator to the HotSmart

Yesterday (04-22-18) I got a one-star comment:
"A total waste of money, food doesn't stay warm even at the center of the plate" Oh My God! The tongue (in this case the keyboard) is more dangerous than a gun. They can't hate me because I'm rich and handsome (I'm neither rich nor handsome), then why? maybe you need to follow me @HotSmartfy

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The most advanced (patented) plate in the world is made in China but the invention is proudly Texan (El Paso, TX, USA).
Inventor: Juan J. Ramirez