Friday, March 10, 2017

Real improvements to HotSmart Plates

Will you please RT this info? Twitter blocked my account "for security reasons" and they insist to send me a numeric code to verify a phone which I don't have anymore. I will really appreciate it. Juan Ramirez (The inventor). 

Let me put it this way: We have paid close attention to your feedback and took corrective actions for each and every problem reported. We guarantee our product and you can buy with confidence at Click here (direct link) As claimed or your money back.

If you are satisfied please give us a good feedback, that will make the price come down drastically.

We improve every batch using your feedback.
We hate lies though, like: "Doesn't get warm". Darn Pinocchio, I hope you burned your bleeping long nose.

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All comments at have been addressed and taken care of. We made several improvements to our design despite the fact that we are the ones that improved the ceramic plate which had not evolved in centuries (Yes, improved things can be improved further. Thanks for your feedback). 

Best steak plates in the world, period. 

Our images always look crowded because our improvements to the ceramic plate (just as an example) are many

I test them personally every time a new batch is coming
(It's a hard job but somebody's got to do it)

They cleared US Customs and it will be available very soon (AVAILABLE NOW) Click image below:

The heater core was improved!


It looks very similar to past shipment, except that:
  • If you turn it upside down you'll immediately notice a reinforcement ring that makes the base more resistant to the thermal shock and acts as a heat sink making the plate easier to handle even with a single hand.
  •  We trained (re-trained and re-trained) our manufacturer
  • We switched to a marine epoxy sealer.
  • The heater core now can store more heat.
  • The assembly process was improved.
  • It has a 3 month money back guarantee.

I was happy when our rating went up 1/10th of a point and then...

HotSmarts work as claimed or your money back. Period
"They must be saying: it's for mi mom who is very old (or sick)"

Will you please share this info with family and friends?

(People need to know: The sick, elderly, etc.)