Sunday, September 25, 2016

HotSmart Products Can Last Many Years ...

...That is If you follow the instructions, for those who damaged the seal not everything is lost; see below: 

IMPORTANT NOTE; Starting March 2017, we changed to a marine epoxy sealer which makes the seal even more difficult to fail (We still recommend to wash by hand for longer durability).

(I will use a plate for teaching purposes)

We don’t recommend that you repair the seal of HotSmart products unless you understand some basic rules; however, our products are not indestructible and the seal can be damaged by overheating the HotSmarts, washing them in the dishwasher or by immersion in water*. 
First of all: I have approved samples for the next batch (I will inform about the improvements at a later date).


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1.      The first thing you need to do is to remove the old sealer which is probably crystalized, for this you will need a scrapper or similar tool
2.      Don’t mess with the heater core; if you try to remove it, you will probably break it, to remove the humidity put the plate upside down under the sun or heat up in the microwave several times for 15 to 20 seconds letting it rest after each heating cycle.
3.      Use silicone RTV clear or white to seal it (while the core is warm). Remove the excess with a damp rag or paper napkins (Let it rest for full 24 hours). Any remaining excess can be removed with a sharp razor.

* The seal should last for many years

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Another example: 
Bowls which are not yet dishwasher safe are under attack because they are superior in performance, ease of use, and looks (they are made in bone china), as I said they are superior to the plastic ones that you have to fill with hot water and look like baby dishes. The bowls work perfectly if you don't let water come inside and you don't overheat them (One minute preheating in a 1200 Watts Microwave oven) 1:30 minutes in a 800 MW oven, etc
We will sue people for destroying them on purpose, posting them on and trying to cause monetary loses. This is not a game. One of those posts start with saying something positive in order to give a varnish of veracity to the  big lie that follows.

Of course you can destroy them on purpose; submerge them in water and then set the timer of the microwave much above the ONE single minute required (There is a photo where the liar forgot to reset the timer) and Voila! Everybody knows what happens when you put an egg in the microwave: The liquids inside boil inside the shell and the egg bursts. Not dangerous but it makes a mess inside the oven.  

In the case of HotSmart Products, we will be using a new sealer, We have been testing and/or using it  for Seven months Dishwasher > Microwave; Dishwasher > Microwave with no failures.

Anyway, people will always find the way to destroy things especially if a better product appears on a market that they dominated for decades.

We receive many e-mail saying something like this: :"Your Plate (or bowl) was a blessing for my 87 year old mother" and so on.

HotSmart is here to stay, if because of us some products become obsolete and some businesses are affected... C'est la vie.

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