Sunday, June 12, 2016

Why are they called HotSmart® Plates?

Because they get very hot and have very smart features; they are actually genius plates ???  Nope! we would have to register another brand... (Just kidding, ok?).

HotSmart® Plates or simply HotSmarts
(Hot Dinner Plates)

Why are they called HotSmart® Plates (or simply HotSmarts)?: Well...
HotSmarts get very hot in one single minute (They are InstaHot, stay hot  30+ minutes, release heat slowly - when needed (They have a delay action) -  and have many smart features incorporated in the design. 
The green zone shows why they can be handled with the bare hands (The rim doesn't get hot.That is smart isn't it?)

The description on is shorter due to some constraints:
NEW IMPROVED DESIGN! 4.5 STARS over the past 12 months. HOTSMART HOT PLATES Stay hot 6 TIMES longer than heated plates at restaurants (Boomers, the elderly, moms and dads love them); CLICK THUMBNAILS at.. Amazon com for details. 2. Microwave ONE single minute*, HotSmarts stay hot for over HALF HOUR (6 times longer than heated plates at restaurants); HEATER CORE integrated, 3. HotSmarts are also widely used for ELDER CARE, WLS patients and people with special needs: Alzheimer’s patients, diabetes, ALS, Parkinson’s, stroke, cancer etc.); designed to keep food hot safely and easily for full enjoyment. No more cold, bland food. - 4. This is A REAL PATENTED BREAKTROUGH: The ONLY functional improvement to the ceramic plate in history  5. IMPORTANT: HotSmart plates also help you EAT SLOWLY and AVOID OVEREATING (could even help you LOSE WEIGHT). We strongly suggest that you Google "eating slowly"). - (Remember: Your food won’t get cold), you'll get satisfied with LESS CALORIES (By all means research "eating slowly"). - 6. HotSmarts™ are bringing the luxury of eating on HOT plates at home safely and easily (Safe bare hand handling by the rim which does not get hot). - 7.  HotSmarts™ (in bone china) are elegant and appropriate for formal dinners.  8. A normal preheated plate is difficult to preheat, unsafe to handle and will cool down in 5 minutes anyway, no matter how much or how you preheat it (HotSmarts™ use a NEW patented technology). - 9.  HotSmarts™ can be handled SAFELY with the BARE HANDS, they have a COOL RIM and -by means of A DELAY ACTION- they do not overcook or overheat your food (like eggs, pasta, etc.). - 10.  HotSmarts™ use a proprietary HEATING ELEMENT - IMPORTANT: DO NOT overheat; it is NOT necessary USE ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED (or search: "how to use HotSmart plates" on the internet). Simply: "Zap and serve" (TM) and your food will not get cold. Ideal for MINDFUL EATING. 11.  HotSmarts™ also help prevent GERD (acid reflux); Consult your gastroenterologist.  12. In sum: The plates were designed simply to enjoy hot food (just when you thought there was nothing else you can do to improve your cooking), but some home caregivers immediately adopted them to take care of their loved ones at home and people discovered that a “simple” plate can be a great gift (An old lady said: “Best present ever” which made the inventor very happy).

*One single minute In a full size 1200 Watt mw oven; 1:30 min. in a 800 Watt mw oven (For Smaller and older ovens increase accordingly).

Our first model, the first plate in the world that keeps food hot

For "piping hot" there is a slightly different procedure:
Pork ribs, so tender that they separated. The plate is very HOT and as you can see on the photo, it's been handled with the bare hands.

Above, our current improved model, which will be improved too.

Google: "HotSmart Plates"