Sunday, June 12, 2016

HotSmart Plates Smart Features

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They get hot and stay hot (that we know), this is about the "Smart" part of the brand name obviously derived from 2 words "Hot" and "smart":


HotSmart Plates get very hot after microwaving them for ONE single minute, they stay hot 6 times longer than hot plates at restaurants and on top of that you can handle them safely with your bare hands... but they also have other smart features:

HotSmart Plates

Smart features that require explanation
Now, seriously, the delayed action is one of the smartest features of a HotSmart: The plate comes hot out of the microwave oven but only reaches maximum temperature about 5 minutes later, this means that by the time a heated plate at a restaurant is cold (along with the food), A HotSmart plate is hottest and stays hot for about 6 times longer than heated plates at restaurants.

This is another smart feature: The rim doesn't get hot so HotSmarts can be handled with the bare hands 

Hot Dinner plates keep food hot!
Delayed action keeps food (like pasta) from overcooking

 Our bowls are also excellent for caregiving
Our improved model above took care of most of the old complaints (On
Including some that were completely false: "The juice of a steak would spill" and "The inventor said that also the back of a refrigerator is ugly, so what". Please look at the dates of those lies.

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