Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Keep Warm Dish (waterless)

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Piping Hot Food Served on a Piping Hoy Plate? Yes!
Food will NOT stay piping hot for 45 minutes (give me a break!)*

I hate images crowded with so much info but... We improved many things; The ceramic plate had not evolved functionally in centuries (Millennia actually). Food doesn't get cold on HotSmarts !


Those pork ribs where delicious

(I'm also the test engineer) 

*If you are looking for something better than a HotSmart Please look somewhere else (you won't find it). This is not a hobby for me I'm disabled and tryng to make a living here. Think before posting BS on Amazon.com (that goes for you too Mr Brian Lewis). 



 Hot Dinner Plates

Keep Warm Dishes, Bowls, Mugs, etc.

(We'll introduce new products using our patented technology)


Water-less, easy to use, safe handling, works better and it's much easier to use than the plastic ones which have to be filled with hot water.

Some elders won't eat on plastic bowls, it is a matter of dignity and you don't want to see your loved one eating on a "baby dish", do you? 

The Plate (Our first model):

  Safe handling while very hot:






 The bowl: 



All HotSmart products have an A-Z GUARANTEE (As claimed or your money back). We are disrupting markets, pay no attention to baloney! 




Oops! I almost cropped off the description :) 

(as Scarlett said: "I'll think about it tomorrow")


HotSmart®  Keep Warm bowl

The bowl is preheated just the same way  (safe handling)

You'll find out you can actually handle it with one hand


The secret is:
Both the Plate and the bowl have a patented integrated heater that in one single minute stores enough microwave energy to remain hot for 30 minutes, but still, they can safely be handled with the bare hands 

For more information:

To buy plates at Amazon.com (direct link):

To buy bowls at Amazon.com (direct link):

I must warn you, some people are not very happy with these new products (they sell other products that are becoming obsolete)

Please share for sick and elder people, Alzheimer's Parkinson's, etc. but remember: This is a gourmet plate that caregivers discovered and is widely used for caregiving, wls, geriatrics and many other purposes.

Please share with  relatives and friends

See #Hotsmart on Twitter


(Preheat a couple times before using it to get rid of residual odors from assembling/packing and fully enjoy your coffee) 
Don't exceed 30 seconds preheating

To buy on Amazon.com:

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