Sunday, May 17, 2015

HotSmart Plates will be in every single home!

Why? We don't know anybody who likes hot food getting cold on the plate before they are finished their meal. Also, HotSmart plates help you eat slowly which prevents overeating, obesity.
Yes! in every single home, actually thousands use them already in every single state and overseas: Canada, The UK, Germany Spain, Portugal, Australia, The Arab Emirates, New Zealand, etc.



This is why we believe that HotSmarts will be in every home:

  • They are an excellent present for elderly parents

  • people who have tried them love them 

  • excellent steak plates
  •  The price will go down drastically if you help us and RT (or share anyway you choose)



Keep - Warm Gourmet Plates

(also ideal for caregiving the sick and the elderly)

Who likes food getting cold on the plate? 

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Well, not me and I don't know anybody who does

HotSmart Plates

(Currently we make only small batches but they will be mass produced)

If you don't like that your food gets cold on the plate, eat fast; we have been doing it forever but as a consequence, we tend to overeat.

Click here... EAT SLOWLY, SEE WHY

We also don't enjoy food as we should and we feel hungry and deprived.
The solution is to eat slowly, but... food gets cold. 

HotSmart® has solved the problem see:

HotSmart plates will be in every single home

Don't worry, there is a transformer behind the teepee
(We don't want Electrical Engineers to worry)


Many people need these plates (the sick, the elderly...And Boomers love them, you may know one)

By the way, we also have Bowls and mugs:
(click images)

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