Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thermal Plates

Thermal Plates
When you call something "thermal" what comes to mind? To me styrofoam,  jackets with lots of insulation, thick socks, "tortilla warmers" which do not warm anything since they do not have a source of heat the term was developed no doubt by marketers. Current "tortilla warmers" are only inefficient insulators (HotSmart Plates are real tortilla warmers).

Marketers are experts in conveying an idea even if the idea is false or the product is hazardous to your health. Just watch "madmen" the series -which is  good as entertainment by the way- to see many examples of dishonest marketing .By the way: Is there such a thing as honest marketing?

Politics (Oops!)
Politics is marketing, whoever spend more money on advertising usually wins and that's why some from both parties spend lots of time in fund raising (How did I get into this mess?).

HotSmart Plates are Thermal Plates
(but use a better technology than insulation)
OK, we did not want to call HotSmart Plates "thermal" plates because that normally conveys the idea of insulation; HotSmarts are based on a different, simple but very efficient technology Storing lots of microwave energy in a very short period of time and releasing it over an extended period of time  at a rather controlled rate  (taking advantage of the Stefan-Boltzmann law and other laws of thermodynamics).

Call them thermal plates but remember...
(We have always called them Heat Retentive Plates)
So, you can call HotSmart Plates "thermal plates" if you wish (since they deal with thermal energy and thermodynamics)  but they are not insulated plates, after all: How can you insulate both sides of a ceramics plate? And even if you could, how can you insulate the food? The food has moisture that  evaporates, which in physics is called a change of phase, this change of phase "steals" heat from the food and renders it cold and bland.

HotSmarts keep adding heat to food
What we need is to keep adding  heat to the food to compensate for heat losses but without overheating or overcooking the food. HotSmart Plates do all of this because they have a delay action engineered in the design and despite the fact that they get HOT, they can be easily and safely handled with the bare hands. The rim does not get hotthey are SMART plates Our brand name
HotSmart® is not a coincidence.

Temperature has an effect on flavor and restaurant owners know it (Google it if you wish)

"Beer is bitter and ice cream is sweeter when hot... and food tastes better on a HotSmart"
 (We are disrupting the market and competitors get mad, pay no attention to lies).

Preheat ONE minute, stays hot 1/2 HOUR

These Gourmet hot plates are also used by the elderly, Alzheimer's patients, the sickand people with special needs and disabilities of all kinds. In general by people who have to eat slowly or simply to enjoy hot food.

As claimed or your money back