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Heat Retentive Plates (HotSmart Plates) Allow you to eat slowly and really enjoy your hot food but this has an extra benefit: It helps prevent overeating; please Google "eating slowly" so you understand why and by all means read Harvard on eating slowly  

Heat Retentive Plates are also Ideal for the elderly, Alzheimer's patients, the sick and in general for all special needs people who eat slowly. They have been called "A blessing", "A God's send", "Best present ever" said the 80 year old mother of one of our customers.

Initially developed as gourmet plates,  things evolved. The inventor is a stroke and brain tumor survivor who started designing a tortilla warmer and decided a plate would have a larger market; he ended up with the best care giving plate in the world and we use it as tortilla warmer too. (We claim it is also the best tortilla warmer in the world)

HotSmart Plates are the ONLY patented HEAT RETENTIVE PLATES on the market; they use the Stefan-Boltzmann principle and patented technologyWhat does this mean? The sketch below helps explain everything.
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For how to manufacture HotSmarts you need to see previous posts on this blog, and patents are public domain (License required for the USA).

It is a great steak plate too and please allow me to repeat: Ideal for caregiving  (Alzheimer's, Parkinsons patients, special needs, the elderly,  WLS patients,etc.); baby boomers love them.

This is how it works

(it is basically an energy trap)

Although not mass produced yet; it is available at click here 

  • HotSmart Plates use a core of a specially developed -proprietary- microwave absorbing material
  • This core is enclosed in a cavity in the plate
  • The upper and lower components are basically transparent to microwave radiation
  • The core gets very hot and radiates in the infrared range of frequencies (heat)
  • The Stefan-Boltzmann law regulates this radiation
  • Both Microwaves and infrared radiation are electromagnetic radiation (Only different wave length)
  • HotSmart Plates need only ONE minute microwaving (1200W) and stay hot for over 30+ minutes  (over half hour) Believe it or not!
  • There is a big difference between a simple thick, heavy plate and a HotSmart Heat Retentive Plate.  
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  1. What is the importance of this innovation?
    1) Now you can enjoy your food slowly (You need to Google "eating slowly" to learn about it)
    2) Why do you think restaurants spend a little fortune annually in energy preheating dishes?
    3) Google Harvard on eating slowly.

  2. What is the importance of this innovation for you? Plates that keep food hot