Saturday, November 9, 2013

Alternate HotSmart Plate Joint (Seal)

HotSmart Manufacturing - Alternate Slanted Joint

(See previous posts and learn how to manufacture them)
This is a conical joint (alternate configuration) for ease of manufacturing
See previous posts to learn how to manufacture HotSmart Plates (Patented, license required); the ONLY ceramic plates in the world that keep food hot

Anybody that knows about manufacturing and tolerances (as well as firing ceramics in a kiln) can tell you the advantages of this design


Alternate Slanted Joint
(The heater is not shown)

Will you please RT? Many people don't know that in 2013 there are plates that keep food hot.

HotSmarts stay hot for over half hour, however, they are safe to handle
(The green zone, the rim does not get hot

An excellent present for elder parents
(An old lady told his son: "This is my best present ever")