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Texas developed the plates that keep food from getting cold

(Many people missed this a few years ago, now they are on the market and selling all over the USA through

Start up Texan Company teaches the Chinese how to make better plates


  HSPH  Harvard School of Public Health

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 The ceramic plate had not evolved functionally in centuries. Now HotSmart from El Paso, TX developed a plate capable of remaining still hot after half hour (Yes, more than 30 minutes) to keep food from getting cold.



HotSmart Plate
PRLog (Press Release) - Oct. 10, 2009 - HotSmart plates need only one minute preheating in a full size microwave oven and can be safely handled with the bare hands by the rim which does not get hot; the plates even have a delay action to avoid overcooking or overheating the food, they reach maximum temperature 5 to 8 minutes after taking them out of the microwave oven, a preheated regular plate is cool in about 5 minutes along with the food.

"Heat retentive plates" as they were originally called by the inventor (Another name was "Heat storage dish) were developed and patented by Juan J. Ramirez an Industrial Engineer from El Paso Texas after surviving a stroke and brain tumor operation that forced him to abandon his career in manufacturing.

The inventor offered the license to several companies in the USA who rejected the project; a few were very interested but they practically wanted to steal the idea. The invention is patented in the USA and patent pending in China and other countries.

The plates have just hit the market through as "InstaHot 30 min plus" Hotsmart plates.The name describes the product well but there is lots of information on the internet about the "Hotsmart project", the plates can even help people lose weight by eating slowly.

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About Hotsmart: Officially established in El Paso TX in April 2009 as retail seller through the internet, Hotsmart is teaching the Chinese to manufacture its patented products which are being introduced to the USA market through; HotSmart plans are to export to other countries from China. Some buyers are interested since early designs were shown at the Hong Kong fair in 2008.


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