Monday, March 25, 2013

REAL Facts About HotSmart Mugs


HotSmart® is disrupting the market and there were some questions about HotSmart®  mugs which by the way have an A-Z GUARANTEE. 

Here are some real facts (I have been using and testing them for years before offering them for sale to the public):



Are they heavier than a regular mug?
Yes, the microwave absorbing core adds some weight but coffee does stay hot and you don't have to drink your coffee through a small hole in a lid (I personally don't like that and many people don't either); go to and type "HotSmart Mugs"


Are they very small ? Here is a photo and the information is available at

Will they damage your furniture?  NO, however It is up to you to protect it;  sometimes I use a single sheet of paper to avoid stains. I never use a coaster or anything else.

Will it keep your coffee hot? YES!  if you serve it hot in the preheated mug; it was designed and tested specifically  for that purpose: To enjoy hot coffee

Are the instructions confusing? The instruction(s) are: preheat the mug for one minute max. (That's all) You can do it while the coffee is brewing; there is no waste of time. The mug will still be hot after 1/2 hour 

Do you need to pour the coffee in a regular mug to reheat it and pour again in the HotSmart Mug? OF COURSE NOT.  First of all: there is no need to reheat it, but if for any reason you want to do it, you can re-heat it in the HotSmart. 

REMEMBER: As claimed or your money back guarantee. (If for any reason you don't like your mug, just return it for a refund, that's all. Satisfaction guarantee).

By the way, there are also HotSmart Plates which are ALSO shipping all over the USA 
(Click link in red above)