Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to use HotSmart mugs

Step1  Simply preheat them for one minute in a full size microwave oven (1200W)
step2  There is no step 2; just serve your coffee HOT as usual, it will stay HOT to the last sip.

Below:  This is why or rather how it works
HotSmart Mugs are a patented "microwaveable heat storing device"
Enjoy coffee

 IMPORTANT NOTE: The lady who wrote the negative feedback on DID NOT preheat her mug. (Can I blame her? Well... I need to teach people what they are buying when they purchase either a HotSmart Plate or a HotSmart Mug

IMPORTANT: HotSmart Mugs were designed to keep HOT coffee hot for full enjoyment, that's all; and they work as claimed or your money back. A-Z GUARANTEE.