Monday, November 5, 2012

Don't Break your HotSmart Mugs

"Hot To The Last Sip" 
Green, Safe.

Don't break your HotSmart® Keep-Hot Mug to see what is inside; it's no rocket science. I developed a microwave absorbing material to store lots of heat; the mug itself is a patented "heat storing device". This is the only functional change to the mug in history and it was developed in El Paso, TX USA. 

The heat -as in  HotSmart® plates- is released slowly so your coffee (or tea) is not overheated and stays hot to the last sip. This is something no thermal or double walled mug can do since those mugs attempt to insulate the hot liquid. By the way: How do you insulate the surface of a liquid? and What heat is there to insulate when you are almost finished? Get it?

Two bases with their respective heaters

OK, while it is no rocket science, don't be deceived by its apparent simplicity; it works!

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Below: just a simplified sketch to try to explain how they work