Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The only plates in the world that keep food hot


HotSmart Plates are "plates for eating slowly" which helps prevent overeating
Boomers love them

This image gives a pretty good idea of what a HotSmart Plate is but it is better to see the 

These plates are patented and they are not mass produced yet; HotSmart makes only
small batches in China and we are often sold out. We are trying to keep the flow.
USA manufacturers rejected this innovation so I decided to do it myself, you can read
this very short story  (Sorry, Squidoo blocked the story). and also see a large image

(We are still looking for a manufacturer in the USA, we want to create jobs here and
the market is huge.Eating is not going out of fashion any soon and this is a new experience in eating)

“The plate is fabulous-Arrived quickly.would definitely purchase from this seller again”
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"We love these (#HotSmart) plates, especially in summer when air is on and dinner can cool 
before we eat it... Great in winter of course"

"“My best present ever!" is what my 87 year old mother says about her HotSmart plate."
(One of our favorite comments received by e-mail)

Ideal for caregiving and people with special needs

Would you believe a gentleman started carrying his HotSmart plate to dinners he was invited?
(True story, her wife told me)