Saturday, September 10, 2011

First of all: This is not a regular plate, this is a HotSmart

"I want my steak medium rare on a HotSmart"

A HotSmart is a patented Heat Storage Device shaped more or less like a plate but capable of storing enough heat in  one single minute to remain hot for more than 30 minutes. It keeps your food hot.

A "simple" delicious steak prepared at home; the HotSmart plate makes a big difference

HotSmart Plates stay hot for more than 30 minutes and require ONE single minute microwaving Click here

Heat storing device? who would buy it? Who would find it?

It does look like a plate, and would you buy a Heat Storing Device? The combination of the upper component, the base and the microwave absorbing core are the heat storage device not only the core, besides, I guess what you want is your food to stay hot, right?

Some day when somebody says: 
"I want my steak medium rare on a HotSmart"
The waiter will know (HotSmarts are great for steak by the way)
Will you please RT?  People don't know HotSmarts Exist
They are available at