Monday, August 2, 2010

Serving Food Properly

A New Way of Serving Food Properly
(A new technology is changing the rules)

There is something you need to learn about serving food; while cooking, recipes, techniques and kitchen tools have been evolving a lot, the art of serving food has been concentrating on etiquette and aesthetics which is great but our food keeps getting cold before we finish it. No matter how many hours you spend shopping and cooking  food gets cold in 5 minutes even if you preheat the plate. It was a paradigm: "A plate is just a plate"; not anymore

For me the only way of serving food properly is to serve it on Heat Retentive Plates which keep food warm on the plate until you finish enjoying it; I am sure you probably don't know about Heat Retentive Plates, they are a new technology in ceramic plates that you can preheat for just one minute in the microwave and they get very hot, they are still hot after 1/2 hour and these HotSmart Plates are patented and sold only in as:

How do I know all this? I am the inventor; I invented, patented and founded HotSmart in El Paso Texas. All the details are on my SQUIDOO.