Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is The HotSmart Gourmet Plate a Diabetes Plate?

I was reluctant to identify or link my Gourmet Plate with Diabetes but I concluded that this is the best present you can give to a person who wants to prevent overeating and obesity (as well as enjoying hot food which is the main purpose for which it was created).Eating slowly and mindful eating are probably the best habits you can acquire especially if you don't or for any reason can't exercise enough.

First of all see this link:
Health Central 
and don't miss the diabetes statistics

Diabetes Statistics

This Gourmet Plate is designed to enjoy food, it prevents overeating and obesity
(No, in all honesty, it was not designed as a diabetes plate)

Mindful Eating

OK,  if this gourmet plate is not a diabetes plate what then? Let me try to phrase this carefully: This is the best plate diabetics -and pre-diabetics- can use to train themselves  to eat slowly, avoid overeating and obesity (Everybody knows obesity is linked to type 2 diabetes).

I'm sorry but those plates with portions painted on them are ugly  and get your food cold which in turn make you eat fast and overeat since you are still hungry (The hypothalamus in our brain needs about 20 minutes to get the satiety signal, if you eat fast you will overeat simply because you are still hungry even if your stomach is bloated).

Print those portions on a piece of paper, not on the plate; HotSmarts can be used in formal dinners, they are bone china plates

There are 57 million pre-diabetic people in the USA; diagnosed diabetics 17.9 million people, undiagnosed 5.7 million, total = 23.6 million. Click to see statistics

 fortunately type 2 diabetes is preventable

Overeating and obesity are linked to type 2 diabetes.
Eat slowly to avoid overeating 

Will you please RT for your friends and family?