Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gourmet Plates

Gourmet Plates
Formula for heat conduction

Everything conspires for your food to get cold on the plate
Heat is conducted from your hot food to your cold plates and your food also radiates heat into the air, -but that's a different formula- and to explain how heat retentive plates  store enough heat in one single minute to remain still hot after 30 minutes to keep your food warm? But yet you can handle them with your bare hands is a long story...Trust me; they work as described on the specifications (Link below).

 I know this is an odd way to explain a Gourmet Plate, but HotSmart Plates are different to all other plates in the world in functionality; they keep food warm for full enjoyment, see the specifications

Drawing of a HotSmart Gourmet Plate
The only functional change to the ceramic plate in Centuries comes from El Paso, Texas

There are many  plates on the market named by their manufacturer "gourmet plates"; what they all have in common is: they start getting your food cold as soon as you serve it on the plate and the reason is that when two objects are in contact, heat always flows from the object at a higher temperature to the object at lower temperature. See the formula for heat conduction but don't worry, All I want you to notice is the "A" or Area and the (Thot-Tcold) or difference in temperatures. The larger the area and the larger the difference in temperatures the faster the heat flow from the food to the plate Q/t will be (And the faster your food will get cold). All plates have large contact areas with the food, and the hotter you serve the food  the larger the temperature difference will be (Thot-Tcold).

Plates have a large "A" (Area)

HotSmart Heat Retentive Plates are real Gourmet plates that  have a very efficient heating element which instead of getting your food cold releases infrared radiation at a controlled rate to keep it warm, but I will not repeat here; see the specs (Click the specifications link above).

Anyway, I wanted to claim the name Gourmet plates for HotSmarts; the others are... just plates even if they are Limoges. Let me put it this way: Every Chef should get a HotSmart for his personal use; cooking is an art, and your cooking should not get cold before you finish enjoying it.

HotSmarts allow you to eat slowly to avoid overeating, obesity and even:

lose weight by eating slowly