Saturday, February 6, 2010

Plates for Eating Slowly

Plates for eating slowly, What am I talking about? Why do you need a plate for eating slowly? I invented the "Heat Retentive Plates" being sold all over the USA (Including Alaska and Hawaii) by

The purpose?  Creating  a gourmet plate that changes the history of the ceramic plate which had not evolved in many centuries.; see for yourself:  Specifications

The plate really keeps food hot but I will not explain again, You can simply Google "Heat Retentive Plates" or HotSmart and you will find lots of information; you can also follow me on twitter to see real time how a start up company reaches the "American Dream" (Or fails?... I don't think so, people love the plates and are asking for coffee mugs which are coming through too).

OK, why do I also call it a "plate for eating slowly" then?

Plate for eating slowly

Because even though it was developed simply to enjoy hot food, people have found many applications for a plate that really keeps food warm for full enjoyment and enhancement of any hot recipe.
Reasons for eating slowly:
  • Enjoying hot food; original purpose, the bone china plate is adequate for formal dinners
  • Improve recipes; after all your work, you might as well enjoy slowly and show off
  • Avoid overeating and losing weight; see
  • Care giving (Check #CareGiving on twitter)
  • Elderly people eat slowly, food gets cold, they stop eating and lose weight dangerously
  • Alzheimer's patients eat slowly
  • Parkinson's patients
  • ALS patients
  • WLS (Weight Loss surgery or Bariatric) need to eat slowly
  • Any other patient with mobility problems can eat with dignity on a real plate; this was also unforeseen by the inventor (myself) but turned out to be a major feature (Some people refuse to eat on plastic hot water filled dishes that look like baby dishes).
  • ETC.