Friday, December 18, 2009

Keep Warm Dish - Microwaveable

You can handle it safely with your bare hands while hot

If you search the internet for a "Keep warm dish" , you will very likely find a plastic plate that you need to fill with hot water used mostly for sick people to keep soup warm; you will not find a ceramic plate that you can use for serving breakfast -including eggs and pancakes- or that can be used to serve diner such as steak, prime rib, enchiladas, pizza, Chinese and Mexican food etc. for that you need to go to :

HotSmart Plates can even be used in formal dinners; Some people used them -for the first time- this year in Thanks Giving and e-mailed us that they were very satisfied, all you have to do is microwave them for just one minute and you can even handle them safely with the bare hands by the rim. The plates stay still hot after 30+ minutes to keep food warm
If you are wondering how to keep your food warm on the plate for full enjoyment just click the link above.

We recently got orders from Alaska and Maine, so now we can say: "From Alaska to Florida and from California to Maine". Go to and look for HotSmart


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