Friday, December 25, 2009

HotSmart Plates - Plates That Stay Hot

HotSmart Plates will be as common as toasters in Kitchens all over the world; they are currently selling through from Alaska to Florida (Very good customers) and from Maine (Recently) to California. HotSmart is the brand behind the Heat Retentive Plates, the only plates in the world designed to store heat very fast and release it slowly to really keep food warm.
HotSmarts need only one minute preheating time in a full size (1200 Watt) microwave oven and remain still hot after 30+ minutes to keep food warm.

A very important advantage of keeping food warm is that it allows eating slowly which prevents overeating. Their use is as simple as "zap and serve"(TM) and can even be handled safely by the rim with the bare hands since the rim does not get hot. There is lots of information about HotSmart on the web (Google it if you are interested); the plates are only the first in a line of products coming to the market (including HotSmart coffee mugs).

You can also follow HotSmart on twitter now.

We are presently looking for a business associate in Canada and another one in Europe and Japan (to expedite things). If not we will get there by ourselves the same way we hit the USA market through and its associates in the UK, France, Germany, etc..

Here you can see the specifications

Defining them simply as "plates that stay hot" doesn't make them justice; they are really smart

HotSmart Plates have been discovered recently by WLS patients and by relatives of ALS and Alzheimer's  patients (They help anyone who chooses to, wants to or has to eat slowly)



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