Friday, December 4, 2009

Eating Hot Food on HotSmart Plates

There are millions and millions of places that sell hot food; everybody likes hot food and sometimes food even gets to the consumer hot but once it is served it invariably gets cold very fast; even if the plates are preheated they get cold in about 5 minutes; check your plate and food next time you go to a restaurant and see for yourself, I do it always and I'm actually happy that my food gets cold because HotSmart has the solution to this problem and we have been testing it for over 4 years of actual use.

Many attempts have been done to keep hot food hot on the plate, I know, I have checked the Main patent offices of the world (USPTO, Europe, Japan, China, etc.) but you can Google "Keeping food hot at the table" or "Plates for keeping food hot" to find out for yourself

One thing is selling hot food and other is keeping food hot once it is served; HotSmart Plates are the answer; we manufacture "Heat Retentive Plates" that remain still hot after 30mins+, they need only one minute preheating time in the microwave oven and can be handled safely with the bare hands by the rim while very hot. If you like hot food you will love HotSmart plates.
Take a couple minutes to see our Website; orders have been coming from all over the USA but few people know about it. Please pass it on.


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