Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eat slowly

Now there are plates to keep food hot that are simple to use and really work; it is a pleasure to eat on HotSmart Plates

Some people regard eating as just a routine and gobble up food very quickly. For others, eating is an enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling experience. Whether you enjoy eating or not, eating slowly is important for our health.

When we eat slowly, the process of chewing and mixing foods in our mouth with saliva is the first step in digestion. The more we chew our foods, the less work is needed to digest them. It reduces the burden on our digestive system, improves absorption and speeds up the passing of foods through our digestive tract. For people who are constantly experiencing bloating, stomach pain or heartburn after eating, they are eating too fast and are causing indigestion.

The other benefit of eating slowly is to prevent over eating. By eating slowing, we allow the stomach to signal the brain when we have eaten enough before we have eaten too much. For people who want to eat less, eating slowly is most effective.

The plates are also being used by bariatric surgery patients to keep food hot while they eat slowly; although not designed for this purpose they are turning out to be good bariatric plates. or WLS plates




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