Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hot Smart not just a name for a hi-tec plate

Hot Smart; not only a name or a "cool" way of calling a "boring" ceramic plate to differentiate it from other "boring" ceramic plates; our brand HotSmart is well justified, let me explain:
It gets real hot with just one minute preheating in a full size microwave oven to keep your food warm for you to enjoy slowly (That was simple and obvious right?)
This is the best part I believe:
  • The plate reaches maximum temperature 5 to 8 minutes after taking it out of the Microwave oven (Preheated regular plates are normally cool within 5 minutes); this means that Hot, Smart oops! HotSmart plates are hottest when the others are already cold (Check this next time you go to a restaurant)
  • The rim of Hot, Smart HotSmart plates stays cool for safe handling with the bare hands (Isn't that smart? Actually some people do not believe it and some Engineers say that is impossible)
  • Hot and Smart HotSmart plates remain hot for 30 minutes (Yes, half hour) and help you lose weight, also can be used after weight loss surgery.
  • Enough, I believe I made my point: HotSmart is not just a brand, it defines a product; I also call it InstaHot (TM) 30 min plus which also pretty well defines it and it is sold in (just type "HotSmart plates")

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