Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stay warm plates? No way, they are HI-TEC plates

No, I would not say HotSmart plates are "stay warm plates" they stay hot; even after 3o minutes it is difficult to withstand the heat on the back of your hand however they can be handled safely with the bare hands by the rim. the rim remains cool (believe it or not).

They are manufactured in bone china and have a specially developed core that absorbs lots of microwave energy and release it as thermal energy slowly, at a controlled rate to keep your food hot (They use the Stefan-Boltzmann law) . I can call them HI-TEC plates but then... who is looking for hi-tec plates on the WWW? Amazon.com

I will never call my invention stay warm plates; it would be unfair however if you do not like your food very hot, do not preheat them for an entire minute (They require just one minute preheating) or simply move your food away from the center which is the hottest place, look at the thermogram that we took with a special camera).

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