Sunday, July 19, 2009

Plates for WLS patients

After weight loss surgery
When I received an e-mail from a lady that belongs to a WLS (weight loss surgery) support group, I realized the potential of my invention as a "WLS plate"; actually my first pre production run of only 1000 units will fly as soon as WLS patients find out that such a plate exists and that it really works as I claim; I think the only way they will believe it is by reading about it on the hundreds of forums that exist on the net, but they need to hear about it from other patients who have used it. after all a ceramic "heat retentive plate"with the following claims is hard to swallow:
  1. Remains hot for 30 minutes plus
  2. Requires only one minute preheating in the microwave
  3. Can be handled safely with the bare hands (The rim stays cool)
  4. Has a delay action to avoid overcooking or overheating the food
  5. Releases heat slowly, at a controlled rate
  6. Can get you satisfied with less food (By allowing you to eat slowly)
  7. It is made out of bone china, so it can be used in formal dinners
  8. I'd better stop but it is a really HotSmart Plate

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