Tuesday, July 21, 2009

InstaHot 30 minute PLUS Hot Plates by HOTSMART

30 minute PLUS Hot Plates
(They really keep your food hot)
This is the culmination of years of work; I am an Industrial Engineer, after I survived a stroke and brain tumor removal in 2001 I was paralyzed and on a wheel chair for many months; I had to abandon my career in manufacturing (Maintenance, production control, Q.C., Product Engineering, Injection molding etc.).

Economically it was a disaster too, I had to patent the invention myself (Fortunatelly the USA is a great country that still lets you do it yourself although they do not recommend it -and now I know why- it is specialized work for specialized Lawyers (Who charge a fortune as usual).
To learn more about the plates just type HotSmart on any browser or click here

To order Amazon.com

This project is a great therapy because I still can only walk for short distances (I also broke a hip when I fell down).

Anyway, it is now available directly to the public from the manufacturer (Myself), this week I will probably receive production samples of coffee mugs that people will love, they keep your coffee hot to the last sip without overheating it.

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