Friday, July 24, 2009


Just as global warming, a term that was only a theory just a few years ago, global fattening is taking place right now; we are getting fat. The USA is the most obese country in the world and Mexico is second (Which proves that obesity is not related to riches but bad habits), even in China a country which was mostly lean, they are beginning to have this problem.
Let's see some info for the USA

Eating slowly gets you satisfied with less; Google "eating slowly" Yeah! but food gets cold

I was convinced that eating slowly is part of the solution long before I invented and patented what I called at the time a "Heat Storage Dish" or a "Heat Retentive Plate" (This is I believe a good generic name, but people are not yet familiar with the term).

Food does not get cold on HotSmart Plates

Anyway, paradoxically my invention the HotSmart plates
was developed because I hate cold tortillas (A nice Mexican fattening food) and I started developing a real good tortilla warmer (The ones on the market today simply do not work because they try to keep the heat from the tortillas from escaping using insulation but the tortillas do not have enough thermal mass to store enough heat by themselves, HotSmart plates are also good tortilla warmers... but that's another story).

Eating slowly gets you satisfied with less tortillas and you do not contribute to global fattening.

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