Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The best plate to keep food hot
(If you eat slowly you might avoid weight loss surgery altogether)

But for the time being, let's assume you already spent thousands in WLS (Weight Loss surgery);
now you are finding out that you have to eat slowly to get satisfied with less, isn't this ironic?
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Eating slowly helps prevent overeating, obesity, diabetes, stroke, looking and feeling bad 
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There is no comparison InstaHot 30 min plus HotSmart plates are the only practical way to keep food hot (Or warm, you choose) at the table we dare you to compare:
No ugly plastic plates
Nothing to plug in
Microwave for ONLY one minute, stays hot 1/2 HR +
Do not burn your hands, handle safely by the rim
It really works
It is a real plate, not a stone (with a wooden base) over which you set your plate
Manufactured in bone china

All you have to do is to preheat the hotSmart plates for just one minutein a full size microwave oven and serve your food hot as usual; the plate stays hot for 30 minutes.

You can handle it safely by the rim which remains cool


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