Saturday, June 6, 2009


They are finally available at just type hotsmart; Iam beginning to call them: "Magic hi-tec plates", because for being a plate they do many many things:
  • They Really keep your food hot (Not like the "hot" plates in restaurants which cool down in 5 minutes)
  • require only one minute preheating in the microwave oven.
  • Stay hot for half hour (Be careful, I mean hot).
  • The rim remains cool for safe easy handling with your bare hands.
  • Have a delay action to avoid overheating or overcooking your food (The heat is delivered when needed, not before and slowly, at a controlled rate).
  • Allows you to eat slowly and therefore get satisfied eating less food (Yes, you may even lose weight simply by eating slowly; if you do not believe me, type "eating slowly" in Google.
  • Excellent for lap band surgery patients who must eat slowly.
  • It is an excellent steak plate.
  • Conceived for daily use but apropriate for formal dinners (Made out of bone china).
  • Very hyigienic, does not have the normal porous dry foot found in all plates (Which absorbs moisture and is a potential breeding ground for bacteria.
  • This is really the plate of the 21st century
  • See InstaHot 30 min plus Hotsmart plates

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