Thursday, July 17, 2008


(A major concern and health problem of the 21st century)


This is a very common promise made by many diets, also planning your meals is
essential, exercise, etc. But a plate that might help you lose weight is unheard of,
how can that be?:

many dietitians recognize the fact that eating slowly, can help you getting satisfied by
eating less food. Basically what happens is that the human body has two "sensors" to
tell you that you have eaten enough, one in the stomach and one in the brain.

The sensor in the stomach gives a sensation of fullness that sometimes is even
uncomfortable, but if you are hungry enough you will override that sensor.

The sensor in your brain is more effective. Have you ever tried to eat when you are not
hungry?. Unfortunately , this sensor takes time to get activated, nutrients have to be
absorbed on the walls of the stomach, carried by the blood to the brain and activate the

To deceive the sensor in your stomach you can do a couple of things:

First of all relax and drink a glass of water before eating

Have a light soup with few calories

Eat some salad, etc.

To activate the sensor in your brain, you can:

eat a granola bar or a fruit a few minutes before your meal

eat slowly and enjoy

And the Heat Retentive Plate? ...What is its role in this story?:

Well, you know what happens to food (and coffee) when you eat slowly, it gets cold.

If you use a HotSmart plate, that might help because it maintains your food hot while you

We do not promise that you will lose weight, but we promise that your food will stay hot.

REMEMBER: "ZAP AND SERVE" (TM) (It only takes one minute (1:15 recommended
for steak) to "zap" in the microwave (Preheat a "heat retentive plate, stays hot for 1/2
hour and can be handled with your bare hands by the rim (The rim does not get hot for
easy handling with your bare hands

It is very difficult to fight against obesity when you feel deprived of the pleasure of eating

Can HotSmart plates help?... No promises here, do not even try it without mentally
rehearsing for at least 21 days, read "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz (Ooops...wasn't
I selling plates here?).

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