Monday, October 22, 2007

Heat Retentive Plates, Coffee mugs etc.


Heat Retentive Plates, Coffee mugs etc.

Will it sell? Analysis (abbreviated report, details are available on request):

STEP1 Ask people

People who have seen the prototypes at trade shows and at El Paso TX think the idea is great, phone calls and e-mails have been received from restaurants, nursing homes and individuals in the USA but requests for the product have also been received from New Zealand, Russia, Greece etc.

STEP 2 Marketing evaluation, See factors for commercial potential at:

(Standard criteria used by Universities, marketing firms, etc.)

It does have potential

STEP 3 What will it cost to produce? : It will cost about 2 to 2.25 times the cost of a normal plate however if manufactured in China it will retail with a good profit margin (The inventor has patent pending in China and Canada he believes that everybody will enjoy the invention eventually, but early adopters will be from cold countries) ; remember, this is the only ceramic plate in history specially designed to keep food hot on the plate with just one minute preheating time in a microwave oven, it will sell by word of mouth (the fact that you preheat it one to 1:15 minutes and stays hot for half an hour causes astonishment and it enhances the enjoyment of any hot dish) and has no competition.

STEP 4 Fully design and refine your product: The product is in reality an entire line of products or technology that can be applied to plates, coffee mugs, tortilla warmers, gravy boats etc. The plates and coffee mug prototypes as well as tortilla warmers have been used and tested for about three years; millions of products can be manufactured with different embodiments, shapes, styles, patterns, colors, etc. see the patent at: it is a very strong patent.

STEP 5 Sell a few of your products: not done yet, prototypes have been used and tested for three years (plates, coffee mugs, tortilla warmers). No finished product is available because the inventor’s choice is to license and the finished products will be developed by the manufacturer or distributor (although the inventor is keeping open the option of manufacturing). Technical support is available to everybody regardless of the fact that a license agreement is signed or not.

STEP 6 Create the marketing materials and GO! : The Heat retentive plates have been in the internet for some time; the patent along with drawings, materials, sealers manufacturing instructions, etc.

STEP 7 Keep an eye on the competition. There is no competition so far for this type of plates, since they are so easy to manufacture and copy, production will probably start simultaneously in countries where the inventor does not have patent protection. Something is for sure, the products are coming, some companies will profit and some will miss the opportunity to enter this huge worldwide market. The wheel has not been re-invented but the ceramic plate… YES! It was time that the ceramic plate learned a new trick after thousands of years, don’t you think?

Juan J. Ramirez

El Paso TX USA


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