Thursday, August 9, 2007

Waterless Baby Dish

Babies Will Have Their Own HotSmart Plate
The Plate does not need hot water works better and is a lot simpler to use, needs just about 30 seconds preheating time in the microwave. About 4 million babies are born in USA every year.

Potential market size:
by capturing just 10% of the market represents 400,000 units/year (It is an excellent present for a baby) but why am I talking about 10%?... this is the best baby dish in the world. Obviously I have only the  conception of the idea (I have been very busy with other priorities), but the technology has been tested in: Heat Retentive Plates, Coffee Mugs and Tortilla Warmers. (I may decide to manufacture them myself) but this is a very special market and I do not have time for everything

If you are interested in manufacturing , get in touch
The  invention is patented, I am willing to license it for this particular market or in other type of business cooperation; see Instahot 30 min plus plate as proof in  that the technology works.

The plate can be divided in cool and warm zones, this is also unique in my design.;remember, it needs no hot water

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