Monday, June 25, 2007

Simple design for CORELLE (TM) just a sketch.

I decided to change my sketch for a picture of a HotSmart plate early drawing that appeared in Inventor's Digest magazine
(I'm using an adapted CORELLE (TM) plate as tortilla warmer)

When you don't have to worry about thermal shock because you have the ideal light weight material resistant to heat, the design can be very simple.
CORELLE (TM) has this material available although it is not as elegant as bone china; HotSmarts are bone china plates.
The plates would be ideal for daily use at home.
I apologize for the sketch (I don't have much time), however my family and I have been using plates like this (Prototypes) and they work wonderfully. use your imagination to create a beautiful plate.
The people from CORELLE(TM) will have to explain their stockholders why they haven't come up with the idea or at least adopt it now that it is in front of their noses.
This simple sketch will stay here for the record. by the way, my design is patented and this is called protective publishing.

HotSmart plates improve recipes they keep your food warm until you finish

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