Tuesday, July 5, 2016

HotSmart Keep Hot Bowl

Money back guarantee!
The ONLY bowl in the world with a heater inside:

HotSmart® Keep Hot Bowl 


How to handle it. See explanatory photo below
(Actually the heater is much thicker)
For more info click the image below:

Simply preheat ONE minute in the microwave and serve the hot soup.

You can also heat up the soup in the bowl, increase the time accordingly since part of the microwave energy will be absorbed by the soup and part will be absorbed by the heater
Many people won't eat on plastic bowls that have to be filled with hot water; those are designed for babies. These are easier to use, work better and made in bone china so the sick, and elders maintain their dignity.

Money back guarantee!

The final Product looks like this but  has larger ears (handles); I use this images because the explanation is there. 

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Widely used for the elder and the sick. They will be eternally grateful. We can assure that
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Above: Our first product (Click image for information)


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