Friday, October 24, 2014

HotSmartUSA - Home

HotSmartUSA - Home

Click the image above to buy the only plates in the world that keep food hot! 
They have a special heater inside (below)

Hotsmart® plates were originally developed as gourmet plates; the designer was actually trying to design a tortilla warmer that really keeps tortillas warm and developed a very effective microwaveable heat storing device,; so effective that actually decided to patent it. At the same time he realized that that while tortillas are consumed in many places, the plate is globally used, so priorities changed (it turned out that HotSmart® plates are excellent tortilla warmers (better than anyones on the market today).

When HotSmart® plates hit the market through They were immediately discovered by home caregivers that take care of their elder loved ones and Alzheimers patients, the sick WLS, ALS AND  many other people who has to or likes to eat slowly.

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Interactive image


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