Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Microwave Plate Warmers For Hot Plates

(The inventor of HotSmart Hot Plates)

Keep food hot on the plate 
You  already own one

I have good news for you: Your own microwave oven is a good microwave plate warmer; unfortunately your regular plates may crack, will not stay warm for long and your food will get cold, so I have something much, much better for you,  Patented HotSmart Plates (I also call them  Gourmet_Plates) that remain HOT for more than 30 minutes (Yes, 30+ minutes) to keep your food warm,  they need only one single minute preheating in the microwave, and what is probably the best feature is that you can handle them safely by the rim with your bare hands (The rim does not get hot).
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Another excellent feature is that it has a delay action to avoid overheating or overcooking the food (this is important for eggs, pasta, etc)  and the heat is released slowly. You really need to see the specifications; this is really a quantum leap for the ceramic plate which had not evolved in many centuries.(actually the ceramic plate had not evolved functionally in its entire history so HotSmart® decided to teach the plate a few new tricks

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 You already have the plate warmer; all you need is the plate that stores the heat
By the way, did you know that eating slowly prevents overeating an obesity? Now your food will not get cold. Please don't miss the specs and don't forget to tweet for your friends

Very hot at the center (White zone); all the red zone is hot and the rim is cool (Green zone)
This is really a Gourmet Plate; not just by name as all the others 

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