Sunday, April 11, 2010

HotSmart plates that keep food warm; the best invention since sliced bread

Plates that keep food warm
Gourmet Plates

HotSmart, our goal is: 4-8 units for every household with a microwave oven: 100 million households in the USA alone 

Use them only once, like For Thanks Giving dinner or any other formal dinner (especial occasion) when you want to enjoy and impress your guests or simply to enjoy your steak; and you will be glad you have them; but HotSmarts are designed for daily use, they can be handled safely with the bare hands by the rim which does not get hot

Please see the specifications HotSmarts stay still hot after 30 minutes to keep your food warm and they need only one minute preheating in the microwave oven.

Follow me on twitter @HotSmart  find out if I succeed on convincing every home in the USA that they should have 4-8 HotSmarts at home; actually people are telling their friends and relatives, that is called "word of mouth marketing" and can only succeed if the product is really good.

HotSmart plates help you acquire the habit of eating slowly to avoid overeating, obesity and even to lose weight; see: "How to lose weight by eating slowly"

HotSmarts are Gourmet  "Plates for eating slowly" enjoy