Sunday, July 26, 2009


OK, you ordered a pizza by phone, a wonderful convenience which believe it or not was not available in El Paso, TX until about the mid 80's; but even now (July 2009) all you get is a warm pizza; what do you do?
a) Re heat it in the regular oven? , first you have to empty it right? It is used to store frying pans etc. and it will probably get your pizza toasted or burnt
b) Reheat it your pizza in the microwave oven and ruin it (It will become soggy)?.

Preheat a HotSmart plate for one minute and set your pizza slices on the plate one by one as you eat them right out of the box. The plate will recondition your pizza to the way it should be eaten; not toasted, burnt or soggy but with the right texture and moisture.

HotSmart plates
Invented in El Paso, TX

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