Thursday, September 20, 2007

“Heat Retentive Plates” to keep food delicious


Heat Retentive Plates” to keep food delicious

A Chef’s dream”

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Dear Chefs and people related to the industry,

Do you know that there is a new product to maintain food at the right temperature at the table called “Heat Retentive Plates”? This is a totally new type of microwaveable ceramic plate that needs to be preheated only one to 1:15 minutes in a microwave oven and remains hot for typically 30 minutes; the plate is still hot after half hour (Typically 140F after this time, you may prefer not to preheat it for an entire minute). The rim does not get hot for easy handling with bare hands.

These plates are so versatile that can be used for everything, eggs, pasta, steaks etc. actually they are designed for daily use at home but I am sure Chefs will love them, I know cooking is an art and it is a shame that your best dishes get cold after 5 minutes.

The plates have incorporated a delay action that actually releases the heat slowly at a controlled rate and at the right time

You need to see our website:

Or just type: heat retentive plates

These plates are patented in the USA; patents are in process of being filed for China, Canada and other countries, you can start checking for availability the plan is to license the technology and have them in the market ASAP.

Truly yours

Juan J. Ramirez


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