Wednesday, May 23, 2018


A little background so you understand:
We introduced the only plates in the world that keep food hot

HotSmart Plates

The plates stay hot about 6 times longer than any other plate on the market and all you need to do is to zap it in the microwave oven for ONE single minute (1200 Watt full-size microwave oven).
The product is very simple, 3 components:

1. The upper component is a slightly modified plate (anybody capable of making a ceramic plate can make it).
2, The lower component is a small deep plate (anybody can make it or buy it in China or another country with dinnerware industry.
3. The susceptor core is a disk mainly made of ceramic and very simple polar molecules like iron oxide, etc. (easy to make).
The 3 components are attached together with hi-tec adhesive sealers.

So simple that at the very least a couple units should be in each and every single home (100 million households in the USA alone). Easy, right? WRONG! 

As Ivanka Trump would say "He who eats on a plate that gets food cold is a fool" Ancient Chinese proverb (I use that all the time and I like beautiful, intelligent Ivanka, ok?).

Back to my story, it's short:
I had the misfortune of finding not the least intelligent person in China, no, but there is something in the minds of some people that makes them feel happy, superior, smart... when they cheat, lie to friends, steal...  Their sense of quality, ethics and honor either does not exist or is upside down. I could write a book about this but you know what? It is depressing and I can use my time for something better.

I NEED THE INFORMATION ASAP (No delay please). June 4, 2018 

Hello Only,
1. Did you send the bowl samples (as promised)?
2. When will you send the plate samples? Are you on schedule to meet your promise?

Best regards.

(HotSmart Plates are excellent for caregiving)

It is unbelievable that we have supply problems from China, for ceramic products, but it is happening:
Apparently our supplier "Hanriver Ceramics"  has communication problems. We will try to keep communications open and keep our customers and potential suppliers informed through this blog.

Given name: Ming Xiong
Surname: Huang (Or Wong).

 contact details below  


Only (nickname)

Don't do business with this person
My friend Only and his beautiful wife
(He broke his verbal agreement The word "honor" is NOT in his dictionary)

Is this difficult to manufacture?

1. The upper component is a simple ceramic plate 10.5 inches
2. The lower component is about the size of a salad plate
3. The microwave absorbing core is even easier to make

Anybody capable of making ceramic plates can make our product(s) unless he/she starts questioning our patented design.

  • Why this area is so thick (I could save material). Note: HotSmart is paying for the material
  • Why can't I use a different adhesive /sealer? Note: Adhesives need to be the ones specified for technical reasons.
  • Why can't I use this material instead of the one specified? Note: The materials specified have been tested.
  • Why don't we use less of this material  (it works anyway)? Note: It seems to work but doesn't work as expected. 
  • Why don't I print the instructions in microscopic size? In the USA surely everybody has a microscope anyway? Note: As far as HotSmart is concerned, if we specify the instructions size or a yellow ribbon, we don't care if you think smaller or blue is nicer, who the hell is paying for the ribbon anyway?
  • Why don't I mix these defective units among the good ones? (they will never notice) Note:  Our customers do notice. This is stealing and damaging a brand 

HotSmart Plates, the only ceramic plates in the world that keep food from getting cold while you enjoy.

Dear Mr. Wong (Huang), (Only) From "Hanriver ceramics"

You made a verbal agreement with me to produce HotSmart Plates. I spent about 3 years teaching you how to make my product and you have not been able to simply glue the components together. You caused me loss of thousands of dollars and when you finally learned how to glue my HotSmart Plates, you simply decide that you don't want to make them anymore. If your company was in the USA, I would sue you immediately. You need to learn that verbal agreements are legal agreements and also learn that one must keep his word (this is a matter of honor). I reserve the right to take legal action againts you, but in the meantime I will warn everybody so they take precautions before doing business with you or the company you say or pretend to represent (Hanriver Ceramics). I know now that you do not own any factory as you claim and you are simply an intermediary and a liar. Either that or you are running the worst factory in China because when I have complained about quality, you had the nerve to blame the operator. Isn't quality your responsability? Don't you have Quality Control in "your" factory? (your factory only exists in your imagination)
You are really a shame to the industry and to your own country, China
Juan J. Ramirez

WARNING! Be careful if you are planning  to do business with this "company" I doubt it even exists:  "Hanriver Ceramics Fty"
Juan Ramirez