Friday, May 5, 2017

Impression Sunrise

This started the "Impressionism movement:
Beauty doesn't have to be portrayed as by a photographic camera   

Monet, Impression sunrise

Monet, Water lilies

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Am I supposed to  keep saying: "Plates, plates, plates..." for the rest of my life? booring! I invented the only plates in the world that keep food hot;  if you need them (and like them) please tell other people; the price would drop as crazy believe me, if you don't, SAD (but if you like your cold dumb plates you can keep your cold dumb plates).

I'm having fun with our politicians as you can see. Read
 my iips: "No more cold food".
 Anyway, they are excellent for home care giving of your elderly loved ones. 

I'm  a disabled engineer, survived a stroke and a brain tumor   The plates were created as gourmet plates but people have found so many uses almost immediately after they hit the market

Enough! I will not mention the darn pl...Oops! again 

Claude Monet